Ten stylish picks for under $10.00 – January 2012

That would be $10 per item. Our picks plus your favorite ultra cheap buys.

When did everything get so damn expensive?  It used to be that you could pay full retail for something and not have to promise your first born in exchange.  Although it’s getting a little parched, the well of cheap hasn’t run completely dry quite yet.  Ten picks, each under ten dollars (shipping not included) follow below.  Above Photo Credit


1. Brooks Brothers Argyle Wool Blend Socks – $8.90icon ($19.50)

Get as wild as you'd like to get.

Bright socks.  It’s the splash of character that even a minimalist can love.


2. Allen Edmonds Horsehair Dauber – $3.00 | Shine Brush – $7.00

Proof that tools can look great.

The daubers are perfect for those of us who are still using those crappy, plastic handled sponge daubers that came with a cheap KIWI shoe shine kit.  Both are made in the USA, both are real horse hair.  And both ship free thanks to the AE free shipping no minimum policy.


3. A matinee showing of Sherlock Holmes 2 – $5.50 – $9.50

It won’t win the Academy Award for best picture, but it’s fun, half (but not completely) mindless, and the on-screen chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law is pretty good.  And the costumes are something else.


4. Mossimo Crewneck and V-Neck Tees – $5.58 – $9.99

A favorite for sure.

The all cotton or cotton poly mix both feel light, decently strong, and hold up reasonably well for the price.  They come in all kinds of colors, and the V on the V-necks doesn’t dip too low.  Oddly soft.  Dirt cheap.


5. The Bad Plus “Never Stop” – $8.99 – $13.99

Linus & Lucy & LSD

Full disclosure:  I can listen to AC/DC’s “Let there be Rock” over and over for hours on end.  So when Rolling Stone calls The Bad Plus “about as badass as highbrow gets,” that’s unfamiliar territory for me.  The Bad Plus are a Jazz trio that have covered the likes of Black Sabbath, Queen, Radiohead, and Neil Young.  But this album is all originals.  You can preview all the tracks on Amazon.


6. Lands’ End Canvas Grey Pocket Square – $4.99 ($9.50)

Grey is good.

Y’know how they say your pocket square should pick up some color in your tie or shirt?  Right.  Well, skip that suggestion if you throw this in a casual navy cotton blazer and wear it with a white shirt and jeans.  Part of the ongoing Lands’ End Canvas stock room sale.


7. Set of 9 whiskey stones – $9.00

Via groupon.

First featured during the 12 Days of Dappered, these aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (or brand of bourbon.)  But nine bucks for the set of nine is a pretty solid deal.  The fine print claims these stones won’t scratch your glass . Interesting that Groupon has now taken to selling physical products, not just gift certificates, in their new “Groupon Goods” section.  Credit Noah with the style tip.


8. Zulu NATO Ballistic Nylon Strap – $9.95

For 22mm lugs and decently long.

An option for the larger wristed guys who can’t wear the now widely available Timex Weekender straps.  A lighter color (no stripes though) and a true NATO band.  Two solid reviews on Amazon.  Pic via Amazon user thebirddog33


9. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sensitive Shaving Cream – $7.95icon ($11.99)

U.K. Made.

Guys just do not like changing their grooming routines.  So if you’re gonna try something new, it’s best not to invest too heavily in a something you might not end up using forever.  Under $8.00 will do nicely.


10. Allen Edmonds Brass Plated Shoe Horn w/ Pouch – $10.00

Your shoes will thank you.

Because it’s high time you upgraded from that cheap plastic one that you got for free with a pair of shoes 7 years ago.  And come to think of it, your heel sorta sticks to that one when you’re sliding into your shoes.

Your turn.  What’s your favorite recent ultra cheap purchase?  Keep it around or under $10, and leave them all below…