In Person: The Johnston & Murphy Oxford boot

Forget wingtip boots for a second...
Johnston & Murphy Newell boot – $185.00

Here’s to hoping that Johnston & Murphy’s true oxford cap-toe Newell boot continues to get slammed in the customer review section.  Because if it does, maybe enough people will be scared off and they’ll be forced to put these on sale.

They’re a little steep at the full retail price of $185, but there’s no way they should be saddled with just 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Johnston & Murphy can often run a little traditional in shape.  That’s not the case here.  Slim lines, and according to the video on the Newell shoe, they elongated the last to give it a more elegant look.  But in no way is the shape trendy or pointy.  They are a little narrow between the laces and toe, but they do come in a wide width.  My borderline wide foot certainly felt, um, well contained… but not cramped or smushed.  Length wise they seemed to be true to size.

The leather feels terrific.  Smooth but not plastic-like in the least.  The leather isn’t wildly thick, but they seem to be made from quality materials.  The cognac color is the type of brown that pops but doesn’t look nuclear orange.

Absolutely suit worthy.  Chinos and dark denim too.  It’s a real do almost anything boot.  Anything but dressed down.  They’re way too sleek to match up well with beat up jeans and an old t-shirt.

Made in India.  The sole is leather with rubber inserts.  According to a J&M customer care rep in the Q&A tab, these boots aren’t refurbishable.  $185 seems fair, but a bit out of range for many.  A 20% off sale would drop them to $148, which at that point they’d be awfully hard to pass up.