Uncommonly common? Another Macy’s 1-Day & J. Crew Sale

They're back.  Both of them.
Macy’s One Day Sale Picks | J. Crew Tiered Sale – Use code JINGLE

What the…  Macy’s just had a One Day Sale last week.  J. Crew, which hardly ever runs sales, has been running these buy more/save more tiered sales like mad lately.  Maybe the current environment, which isn’t as nice as some were expecting, has left everyone a little freaked.   Use the J. Crew code JINGLE for 20% off $100, 25% off $150 – $250, and 30% off $250 and up.  For the Macy’s O.D.S., items marked with a * are “Web Busters.”  In store prices may or may not match up.  Selection on all items (especially shoes) in store can vary greatly.  Both expire today, 12/14.

J. Crew 18-Wale Cord Sportcoats – $118.50 ($158)

Wear it everywhere you can.

The pain with the J. Crew Sale, is that you can’t get a decent discount without making a major investment.  But a major investment of $118.50 in a Ludlow fit fine wale cord sportcoat is an investment you can wear clear into April.  Just over the 25% off threshold so the discount is extra nice.


FACTORY Striped Oxford + Racer Stripe Scarf + J. Crew Lambswool Sweater – $80.40

Oxford, Lamb, and Lamb.

Here’s how this works, and note that all three items are already on some kind of sale:

  • The FACTORY Oxford – $44.50 ($54.50)
  • FACTORY Racer stripe lambswool scarf – $16.50 ($34.50)
  • J. Crew Marled Lambswool Sweater – $39.50 ($59.50)

Those three add up to $100.50, or,  fifty cents north of the first threshold.  Not bad if you want some lighter colored duds that’ll still keep you plenty warm.  The scarf will add a good bit of contrast against the sweater and shirt.


J. Crew Topcoat in Wool Cashmere w/ Thinsulate – $195.99 ($428)

Navy is a little less. Black is a little more.

Almost all of J. Crew’s outerwear is on sale.  But for a lot of us, the winter weather was late arriving this year.  That means you’re looking at real decent discounts that we probably wouldn’t see till later on in the season.  Under $200 for a camel topcoat in a wool/cashmere blend AND it’s equipped with the extra Thinsulate insulation?  The icy winds of the Northeast and Midwest may have met their match.


Bulova Multi Function – $99.00* ($250) & Victorinox Divemaster 500 – $199* ($550)

New, and seen before.

Well that Bulova is new.  Has major potential too.  Not a chronograph but a multi function that tells you the day, date, and military time via the sub dials.  Could be one of the best looking sub $100 watches out there (but haven’t seen it in person to confirm.)  The Victorinox is still on sale from earlier this month.  Still unusually low priced for that model.


Hilfiger Slim Fit Suit Separates – $229.98* ($550)

A favorite for some...

First, never spend full retail on one of these.  And second, know that the low $200s is about as low as these’ll get.  A favorite for some but others just don’t like em’.  Shoulder pads could be thinner, but they’re not linebacker huge either.  Don’t be scared off by the use of the word “sharkskin.”  It’s a worsted wool, and it’s not iridescent or anything.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Textured Money Clip – $27.99* (reg. $35.00)

Not ugly. Not expensive.

So you want to give someone a money clip, but your own is looking a little… lonely lately.  Just no cash to keep it company huh?  Then the one from Tiffany is out.  Instead, this option from Kenneth Cole’s REACTION line does the trick, with a barely noticeable logo on the underside and a nice textured bit on top.  Cheap, yet pretty darn good looking.


INC Velvet “Sanchez” Blazer – $59.99 ($119.50)

Styling by Tim Leary.

Retailers photoshopping a new color on the same garment has been pointed out before, but this one might take the psychedelic cake.  Crank it up my plush blazer wearing homie.  Oh, and… not everyone can pull off velvetCorduroy is much easier.  One wrong move with the velvet and you look like you’re heading out with Doug and Steve.

Both the J. Crew / J. Crew Factory code JINGLE, and the Macy’s O.D.S. sale prices end tonight.