Dappered Classics: The importance of not overthinking your look

Only on the weekends. Only from the Dappered archives.

Putting a little thought into anything is rarely a bad move.  But putting a lot of thought into something can quickly do more harm then good.  This is highly evident in the way we present ourselves to others, and attempting field goals.

Appreciating style is a means to an end.  It’s not the end.

Finding and exploring your own personal sense of style is supposed to make things easier.  It’ll make you more comfortable, confident, and at ease.  But if you’re still thinking about what you’re wearing and the 59 steps you painstakingly took to get everything “just right” well after you’ve walked out the door, then you’re doing it wrong.  You’ll be uncomfortable, lack confidence, and look uptight.

Nobody notices half as much as you think they do

Think you look awesome?  Maybe you do.  Who knows if anyone will notice and of course it’s more than fine if they don’t.  Think you look awful even though you’ve given it a go?  Again, chances are no one will really notice.  Unless you’re dwelling on it as opposed to shrugging it off.  Then it’s almost guaranteed you’ll stick out in the wrong way.

There really are no rules

Do your own thing.  Overthinking the “rules” leads to not trying anything new because you’re afraid you can’t pull it off.  With that said, there are a few guidelines that are best to respect (avoid brown shoes with a black suit, etc…)

Wear your guilty pleasures with confidence

Do you sheepishly love a pair of tattered old cargo shorts?  Wear the damn cargo shorts.  You’re not asking anyone else to wear them.

Your thoughts, over-thought or otherwise, are more than welcome in the comments below.  Top Photo Credit.