Pre Black Friday BR, Gap, Old Navy 35% off Sale

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Take 35% off Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy with code MERRY

Online only.  Code expires at 11:59pm ET on 11/21/11  Free shipping kicks in at $50 total purchase

Ready for a game of retail chicken?  Black Friday is this Friday.  Cyber Monday is in one week.  But 35% off with the code MERRY is an awfully good percentage, and sale items seem to be available for the discount.  It’s an online only thing, and free shipping kicks in at $50 even if you use one item from each three stores to get there.

Will there be better deals on Friday and then the following Monday online?  Probably.  Will that item you want still be available in your size?  Who knows.  Here’s a few picks worth a glance.

Banana Republic Classic Belted Trench – $110.49 ($225)

Beltless is just fine if you don't like the belted look.

It’s not going to be as warm as a wool overcoat by any stretch, but not all of you guys live in places where the snow is already flying.  Plus, a well cut & well styled trench is a foundation piece that’s hard to mess up.  100% poly instead of a cotton/nylon blend, so there’s a real small bit of shine to it, but it’s not bad at all.  The cut is fantastic and the drop is perfect.  Already on sale and 29 reviews have netted it an average of 4/5 stars.


Banana Republic Raglan Sleeve Crewneck – $38.68 ($59.50)

Seven different colors are available.

Quite possibly the best upgraded casual sweater of the season.  The tag says it’s made with Italian yarn (in China) and usually that’s something you’d usually half roll your eyes at.  This time it’s worth noting.  The material is incredible.  It’s 80% Wool and 20% nylon that’s equal parts soft and tough.  Really unique.  The fit is much trimmer than you think it’d be.  Iif you’re in between sizes, might want to size up.


Banana Republic Vintage Straight Cord – $32.49 – $45.18 ($69.50)

A little less tapering and they'd be perfect.

Despite the use of the word “straight” as opposed to “slim”… these are awfully slim.  Especially below the knee.  Good if you’re after a fit that’s similar to the J. Crew Urban Slim or the same fit that comes with the Old Navy cords.  Meaning:  These get right up on your calves.  For those of us with larger legs, we might want to stay away.


Banana Republic Wool Trench – $164.78 ($298)

The winterized trench.

This one’s a bit of a mystery since it hasn’t shown up in all of the BR brick and mortar stores.  80% wool / 20% Nylon, and one reviewer said it’s more lightweight than you’d think.  It’s going to be too busy for some with the epaulets and tabs at the cuffs.  Was marked down to $253.50 but don’t be surprised if it goes back up to regular price.


GAP: Italian Moleskin Blazer – $76.70 ($118)

Holiday party ready, but not velvet.

These have started to evaporate from the racks of some brick and mortar stores, and at $76.70 they’re a bargain.  Ships free and returns free in store as well.  If anything it might run to trim for some.  Nice contouring through the sides and the fabric has got a great feel and depth to it.  Not flimsy at all.  Size shown is a 40R.


GAP Non-Iron Slim Fit Gingham Shirts – $38.69 ($59.50)

Loud, and not quite as loud.

They’re not the greatest feeling fabric, since they’re a thinner poplin and the non-iron finish doesn’t help them out either, but the “slim” fit can fit pretty well (close to an Express 1mx Fitted with more room in the middle)  They also look awfully good in person.  Might want to try one on in-store first.


Old Navy Rugby Stripe V-Neck – $13.00 ($34.94)

Bold Stripes are great as long as they're the same width.

Cheap.  Extremely cheap.  All cotton so they won’t end up as an heirloom, and you’ll be in the clear if they last more than a year or two.  Thicker rugby stripes, plenty of colors, and a minimal investment.


Old Navy “Tweed” Pants – $22.75 ($42.94)

Ooh boy. Not sure on these.

Can you expect much from Old Navy Tweed?  Probably not.  60% poly and 40% wool.  A huge risk, but could have a big payoff if they’re not total crap.  Haven’t seen these in store yet and the sizing could get real difficult.  They claim to be straight through the hip, thigh, and leg.  That’s good.  But the waist?  Might need to size down as usual.  Again, no personal experience with these yet, so if you have seen them, leave your impression below.

The Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy 35% off code MERRY expires tonight, 11/21/11 at 11:59pm ET.  But are you even going to buy anything between now and Black Friday?  Or are you in a wait and see mode?  Leave it all below.