Wingtip Boot Search: The Sebago Hamilton

For those who prefer their feet free of dihydrogen monoxide.
Sebago Hamilton Drysides $99.00 $115.50icon* ($175)

Like a great Summer Suit, there’s something about a pair of sturdy and versatile wingtip boots in the fall. Most have character to burn, and they can be dressed up with many of the rough textures we’ll see once the weather turns cooler. Our search for the best affordable wingtip boots is on, and feel free to send in suggestions via styleip.

The extra 30% off shows up in your cart.  Sale ends Tues. 10/18 at NOON Eastern.  Use code LCCDAY50 for free shipping.  Thanks to Molokoveck for pointing these out in the comments over here.

UPDATE:  Looks like is yanking all of us around.  They’re now running a 40% off one item sale and the Sebagos seem to apply.  Looks like this offer ends on the 20th.  Sorry guys, had no idea they’d knock another 10% off.

These have to be the best looking waterproof boots on the market.  They’re part of Sebago’s Drysides collection, so the leather is treated and they’ll supposedly keep your feet dry (within reason, so don’t go swimming in them) right out of the box.

You do gain some shine and lose some suppleness compared to other Sebago leathers, but if you live in a wet climate that’s not bitter cold in winter (sorry Buffalo) these could easily serve as your daily get-to-work-in-the-slop boots.  Put on some merino wool socks and you’re set.  The soles even come with a ready to grip Vibram sole, just like their non-waterproof oxford cousin.

They feel like they might run a tad large, but the lacing system lets you cinch them down good and tight.  Plus, you’ll need that extra room for thick socks right?

The toe shape is perfect.  It’s sleek, rounded, and not too tall or clunky.  They don’t need to be broken in, and the tongue is lightly padded.  Leather quality on the interior seems to be just fine.  Exterior showed up lightly dinged, but nothing terrible.  Good with jeans, chinos, and cords, but not right for flannel trousers and no way with suits.  Available in Black as well through Sebago for the full price of $175.

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