The Splurge: Big Ice Cubes

They did it.  They improved frozen water.
Williams Sonoma King Cube Trays | Tovolo XL Ice Cube Trays – $8.00

Paying more than a couple of bucks for ice cube trays sounds ludicrous at first.  But tpeel your first big ice cube out from the silicone walls, drop it in a glass, and pour your favorite liquid over it… and then it sort of becomes worth it.

For some.  Some will still think these are a stupid waste of money.

The Williams Sonoma ones are no longer available online, but check in store.  They should be around $15 for a set of two.  I know.  Fifteen bucks.  Dumb.  But again, a low cost splurge that you should have for a long time.  A larger cube takes longer to melt and thus, longer to water down your drink.  That and it just looks better than a collection of half moon cube pups that were birthed by your fridge door.

The trays take a bit of getting used to, being that the ice doesn’t stick to the sides like standard plastictrays.  There’s no twisting and popping out of the cubes.  You just pull the sides down until most of the cube is exposed and then pull it out.  It’s a good idea to have a bucket of these in reserve in your freezer.  Because once guests see them, they have a tendency to switch from beer and wine to cocktails.

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