Rugby additional 20% off Insider Sale

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Use code INSIDERSONLY for the additional 20% off your purchase

Code expires 11/7/11.  Free Shipping at $125 with a nice flat rate of $5 for purchases under that.

Rugby is one of the few brands that starts off way too expensive, but eventually they’ll dip to a level that’s somewhere between a good and a great deal.  It’s just a matter of waiting, then blowing past the stuff that has the Rugby logo plastered all over it.  All of these picks have minimal logos (if any) and all are already on sale.  The extra 20% off code INSIDERSONLY makes them worth a look:

Engraved Tie Bar – $23.70 ($39.50)

Nice lines.

Might be one of the best looking tie bars out there.  Started out just shy of $40, went on sale, and with the extra 20% off it drops under $30 shipped.  There is a “R” logo on the back, but nobody should see that.  Nickel and 2″ long.


Shetland Elbow Patch Cardigan – $61.44 (128.00)

Pockets have reverse pleats.

Suede patches at the elbows, leather buttons, and half off?  It’d be tough to find something like this, in wool, at a similar price point.  Three colors to pick from, all of which are traditional fall/winter earth tones.


Vintage Slim Cords – $38.16 ($79.50)

Available sizes will depend on the color.

Another half off potential steal.  Don’t know about Rugby’s fit on their slim cords.  (Fellas?)  Button fly and “standard rise” waist.  They do look pretty trim, but hopefully not skinny.


Herringbone Newbury Jacket – $190.40 ($398)

Yes, but can you FEEL the pattern.

The greater the contrast between the colors made to use the herringbone, the bolder the jacket is going to be.  And this one is pretty bold.  Three button front with flap pockets at the bottom and a patch pocket up top.  Cut in a “classic” silhouette, so tailoring will most likely be necessary on arrival.  All wool exterior.


Striped Pocket Oxford – $31.99 ($59.50)

Hey look. A shirt.

Just a blue and white striped button down collar oxford.  All sizes available, decently cheap, and still under $40 even after the $5 flat rate shipping is applied.


Oxbridge Piped Fleece Blazer – $77.99 ($178)

Thurston Jr. apparently likes his ties quite short.

Holy Crap.  Who’s headed to the Henley Royal Regatta this year?  Requires a certain type with a certain level of unflappable confidence to pull off.  Embrace the sh*t your pals will give you.  Because it will be given.  Wear it out of total prep context with some jeans and a not too starched shirt.  A challenge, but a cheap one.


Canvas Messenger Bag – $100.80 ($168)

Centered top handle is always a plus.

14″ long so it won’t fit every lap top, but the olive canvas and leather look better than good together.  Remove that shoulder strap and it’ll look professional enough for a laid back work environment.


Winter Hunting Cap – $35.70 ($59.50)

Would never look right with the piped blazer.

No logo on this one.  Maybe.  No logo that’s visible at least (again, from what we can tell.)  Lower back may or may not do a good job of keeping your ears, or the tops of them at least, from freezing off.  Nice work with the green in the plaid.


Lambswool fingerless gloves – $23.70 ($39.50)

Yes, but my palms are toasty.

Fingerless gloves don’t work for everyone (since, y’know, some are bothered by cold finger tips) but if you live in a world where touch screens are inescapable, and those smart finger tip gloves aren’t your cup of tea, these would make a good looking punch of color at your wrists.


Leather Bowling Weekend Bag – $238.80 ($398)

Vintage and high end looking.

Over $200 but leather and has that killer painted stripe down the side.  Nice work with the flap over snap placket up top as well.  Ships free.


Surcingle Striped Cotton/Leather Belt in red or green – $35.70 ($59.50)

And now in affordable territory

Tempting but too expensive when they first came out.  Now even more tempting in that $25 – $45 belt wheelhouse.  Leather up front and striped canvas around the back.  Like a summer belt that’s made for fall… or something.


The Splurge:  Striped Cashmere Scarf – $88.80 ($148)

Black and cream on cashmere.

All right all you cashmere fans.  Again, plenty of us don’t understand the fascination.  But the simple pattern on this scarf is nothing short of terrific.  Still pricey with the discount.

The extra 20% off code INSIDERSONLY (which how inside can it really be if it’s on their website?) expires 11/7