Lands’ End Canvas Fall Sale Picks

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Free Shipping and $10 off orders over $50 with code MJ11 and pin 4423

If that code gets killed, FSCANVASFALL and pin 1109 gets you free shipping over $50.  Exp. 10/19  Credit to @paluchador for the style tip via twitter and pointing out that you can get a price adjustment if you’ve ordered within the last two weeks.  Credit to flipper via threads for the $10 off $50 code.

Hold your horses LEC addicts.  It’s a good sale, but it’s not a mind blowing sale.  There’s a few items that are absolutely worth consideration but it’s not an across the board 30% off or anything.  It’s a select items only sale.  These would be in contention for the title of best of the best.

Crosby Moc Toe Lace Up Boots – $89.99icon* ($149)

Was $150. Now $90? Sure.

Usually picks aren’t listed in any kind of priority, but consider these #1 with a bullet and the rest in no particular order.
*To get these down to $90, use the the MJ11 code and pin 4423 at the top of the page.  Ships free too.


Wide Stripe Narrow Tie – $12.99icon ($39.50)

2 3/4" at its widest.

The silk is decently thick and doesn’t have too wild of a sheen to it.  Ties a decent knot too.  Narrower than you’d think but does measure 2 3/4″ at it’s widest point.  A basic, but a good looking one.  Red and yellow stripes also available.


Corduroy Jacket – $24.99icon ($69.50)

Will probably fit shorter than most jackets.

Just like a jean jacket… only much easier to wear with jeans than a jean jacket.  Brown corduroy, tabs at the waist, and a sub $25 price tag.  Gotta love the reviews on this one.  While one customer said it’s awfully short and fit him like a cutoff football jersey, “Zed” from New York said: “It’s irritating to see folks give this jacket a poor rating because it doesn’t fit their dumpy, out-of-shape physiques. “  Damn Zed.  C’mon now.


Jersey Cotton Rugby – $19.99icon ($44.50)

Seen it recommended in the comments and in emails.

One of your least expensive hoodie alternatives.  Hell, one of the least expensive rugby shirts out there period.  For whatever reason it’s awfully hard to find a rugby for under $30.  This one won’t fit as close as a Ralph Lauren custom fit, but then again, it costs one third to a quarter the price of a RL custom fit.


3-Eye Moccasin – $54.99*icon ($98.00)

Ships free too.

Close to Sebago’s Beacon.  The contrast stitching stands out and while they most likely aren’t quite up to the quality of the Sebago version, they’re certainly cheaper.  Was $75 during the Friends and Family sale.  Use the $10 off code.


Heritage Wool Navy Blazer – $110.99icon* ($200)

Tradition without the gold buttons.

Not actually in the sale section and who knows why.  For the guys who lean traditional but don’t want that whole goldish brass button look.  Buttons are a matte black metal instead.  Wool, not cotton.  A real honest to goodness traditional type of Navy blazer with a slightly trimmer fit.  Still might need alterations.  And a warning about that trip to your tailor:  The buttons are functional.  *Again, this price reflects the use of the $10 off code at the top of the page.


Leather Lace-Up Boots – $89.99icon* ($149.00)

Use that $10 off code.

I get it.  Not everyone likes the contrast stitching.  But be warned… the toe isn’t elongated in the least and the toe box is kinda wide.  So without the stitching, they might look a little blunt.  Available in a deep brown (shown) and black.


Women’s convertible cotton/wool blend gloves – $14.99icon ($39.50)

Low cost, big points.

No these aren’t for you, but if you’re close to the $50 threshold and want something to tip you over the edge?  Might as well pick up a pair of unique but not too crazy gloves for your wife, girlfriend, or friend who happens to be a woman.  (I know you’re out there ladies.  I got your back.  Or in this case, your forearms and fingers.)   Wool/Cotton/Nylon blend, and the arm length section unbuttons to reveal a standard wrist length glove.

The Lands’ End Canvas free shipping and $10 off purchases over $50 code MJ11 and pin 4423 expires 10/15/11