Under $20 true slim fit cords

From a brand that you'd never think could get this slim.
Old Navy Fine Wale Cords – $18.75 w/ ONSAVE25 ($29.94)

25%  off code expires 10/30.  Free shipping kicks in at $50 and they return in-store for free.

Fine, cheap, and easy to get your hands on.  Sounds like a girl I used to date.

(Sorry.  That was weak.)

Why these aren’t in the new “slim” section on Old Navy’s website is a mystery.  Because they’re a true slim.  Slimmer than a 501.  They taper below the knee and if you’ve got some muscle there, they’ll get right up against your calf.  And that’s too close for many of us.  They’re more of a 514 fit than a 501.  Hard to believe that Old Navy could make something this trim, but they did.  From the knee down they’re reminiscent of J. Crew’s urban slim fit.

The waist, no surprise, seems to have a little more wiggle room, with the thighs being more fitted.  Available in tall sizes and strangely enough, “big” sizes too.  It’s hard to imagine a guy with a 48W getting his lower legs into these.

The wale (or width of the corduroy lines) is nice and small.  No big fat velvety 70s corduroy here.  Five colors are available and they come in a 5-pocket jean type of layout.  Obnoxiously cheap with the 25% of code ONSAVE25.  If they could just leave a little more room below the knee for those of us with thicker legs, these’d be a no brainer.