The Suggestion: The Slim Quilted Vest

Key word is slim.  Repeat... SLIM.
J. Crew Broadmoor Quilted Vest – $118.00

The upgraded outdoorsman look isn’t going anywhere.  Cleaning up the lines and muting the colors of normally ugly and bulky outdoor gear mixes form and function.  It allows you to be in clothes and shoes that actually look good while supporting your pursuit of fresh air.  Once you’re done and feel like getting back under a roof, good looking yet functional outdoor gear won’t leave you feeling like you need to change out of clothes more appropriate for the gym.

Overstuffed puffy down vests are showing up all over the place this season.  That’s fine, but they’re pretty limited in use.  That, and it’s really quite difficult to not to think of this when seeing someone swallowed up by poly covered goose down:


I know.  Heavy.  Look for vests that aren’t overstuffed.  They’re out there, and won’t add an extra foot to your torso.  You want something that’s slim enough to go under your wool overcoat for those bitter cold days in winter.  Make sure it gets real close to your sides and isn’t hanging out like you’re wearing a barrel.  Extra points if they come equipped with side tabs of some kind for an extra snug fit.  Dark colors like navy and black look more city appropriate, and a white rumpled oxford will really jump underneath them.

Remember, this is outerwear.  So if you’re going to be inside for an extended period of time, it should come off.

From Left:  Chaps – $34.75, Carhartt – $38.95icon, Barbour – $110