The Half Off Victorinox Rundown

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Nordstrom’s 50% off Select Victorinox Saleicon

Victorinox watches aren’t easy to find online from reputable sources.  That’s because the brand only has four featured web retailers, and catching any kind of sale at one of those is going to be difficult at best.  A half off sale is an extremely rare anomaly.    Now, it’s not a specified by Nordstrom “sale”, but when more than a couple watches by Victorinox get marked down by 50% it’s well worth noting.

The prices on five watches have been slashed in half, and while three of the four are the same basic model, there are plenty of color and watch band options amongst them.  Picks start with most desirable and end with the least.


1. Victorinox Chrono Classic Brown Strap – $224.90icon ($450)

Very glad this isn't a brown on brown.

Luxury looking casual but certainly suit worthy if it’s not too dressed up of an event.  The tach ring around the exterior is pretty sporty, and there’s a lot going on with the chrono sub-dials, but they all work well off each other.  Terrific color combination as well.


2. Victorinox Maverick GS Rubber Strap – $196.90icon ($325)

Slightly attractive.

About as good looking as a rubber strap watch can get.  Not smooth, but instead a rubberized version of a stainless steel watch with links.  Rotating Bezel so you can time those parking meters, Sapphire crystal to resist scratches after you bang it on the damn parking meter post quarter insertion.


3. Victorinox Classic Chrono Stainless – $259.90icon ($525)

Eats other watches for lunch.

Unmistakeably masculine.  Same layout as the classic brown strap at #1, but with a more in your face stainless steel band and black on white/silver dial.  Won’t blend in and not subtle.  But pretty damn awesome to many.


4. Victorinox Chrono Classic Black Strap – $224.90icon ($450)

Could help dress down a suit

Points to Victorinox for offering up a bunch of different color and band options on their Chronographs, but unless you’re seriously hooked on chronographs or bits of yellow, you’d find yourself wearing this in almost the same situations as the rubber strap at #2.  Which also happens to be under $200.


5. Victorinox Base Camp – $186.90icon ($375)

Time to phone home?

These have always looked like Alien heads to me.  A lot of Skagens swoop the band up into the case sort of like this.  It’s more of a modern look that some prefer.  But a lot of us don’t.

Disagree with the order?  Have an opinion on Victorinox watches as a whole?  Leave it all in the comments.