In Person: The J. Crew Factory Tweed Sportcoat

A big step down in cost, but how's the feel and fit?
J. Crew Factory Tweed Sportcoat – $124.60 w/ LOVEIT ($178)

Code expires 9/9.  Sweater by Express, Shirt by Lands’ End Canvas, Watch by Golana (cheaper version here)

For as much as J. Crew can charge, and for as often their lower brand J. Crew Factory goes on sale for an extra 30% off, you think there’d be a noticeable drop off in quality, fit, and finish with the Factory stuff.  But that ain’t the case when it comes to their suiting, their sweaters, and now, their wool mix sportcoats.

It is a mix.  70% wool and 30% nylon.  But the addition of the synthetic doesn’t make it feel like plastic, it certainly doesn’t move like plastic, and unlike cheap all poly sport coats and suits, it breathes just fine.  There’s not even a hint of that suffocating under a poncho feeling.  No one would look at this thing sideways, and it feels great in your hands.  If the addition of the nylon is a way to keep costs down for the lower brand?  I say keep it up.

The use of the nylon that is.  The price is quite all right at staying low.

The fit is unreal for off the rack.  A 38R on a 5’9″ish” 170lb athletic frame probably won’t even need tailoring.  It’s extremely well sculpted through the sides, and despite the website pics making the lapels look really off compared to the button stance, they’re not.  The lapel terminates right at the top button where it should.

The sleeve buttons are non functioning and there’s not even any faux button-hole stitching around them.  Meaning, it should be a tailor’s dream to adjust.  The shoulders are very lightly padded, and the interior has some nice details like a half chambray upper and contrasting striped sleeve linings.

$170 is almost $180 which is almost $200 (I know, stunning math skills right?) and for many of us that’s a lot for one jacket no matter how good it looks and feels.  But with these every-so-often extra 30% off sales, the lowered price of around $125 is a steal for this thicker, warmer, fall ready sportcoat.