Extra 30% off J. Crew SALE & J. Crew FACTORY

Surprisingly good options from Factory and J. Crew's sale section.
J. Crew Sale & J. Crew Factory extra 30% off with LOVEIT

Code expires Friday 9/9.  Remember, any items marked “final sale” can’t be returned.

The juxtaposition during these extra 30% off sales between J. Crew’s Sale section and J. Crew Factory is something.  The step-down J. Crew FACTORY is the place to go to grab a few basics for the upcoming season.  J. Crew’s sale section is the place to usually look for steals on stuff you might not be able to use for, oh… eight months.

Selection evaporates pretty quick on these.  So even though the code LOVEIT doesn’t expire until the end of the week, don’t expect many normal sizes to last anywhere near that long.

Pinstripe Sportcoat – $139.99 ($275) | Italian Wool Sportcoat – $157.50 ($225)

Been awhile since something similar got this low.

This is odd.  Since when do J. Crew Ludlow fit sportcoats hit the sale section with almost all sizes available?  The pinstripe is a lighter wool cotton blend, the Italian Wool is all wool.  Both have non functioning buttons at the cuffs and double vents.  Both are certainly wearable now and on through the winter.


Corded Cotton Sportcoat – $83.99 ($148) | Madras Sportcoat – $104.99 ($188)

Yep, it's the end of the season.

Warning:  Both of these are final sale.  Double Warning:  There are limited sizes for each.  Triple dog warning:  These would be the sport coats that are so light that you might not be able to use them for a bit.  Especially the Madras.


Sun-Faded Striped Oxford – $27.99 ($68.00)

V-Neck sweater ready.

Only available in the pink “tulip” option, but what better way to inject a little color amongst the charcoal, black, deep navy, and other cool weather shades we’ll all be wearing for the next half year?


Cotton Cashmere Cardigan – $41.65 ($69.50)

Just in time for fall.

Available in black, navy, charcoal, and this brown at the $41 price.  A few other random colors in limited sizes available for a bit less.  Not bad for a plain, decent fitting cardigan from J. Crew.


Wool/Silk Burgess Stripe Tie – $34.65 ($69.50)

Should look better than good with that cardigan.

English wool and silk with a perfect stripe.  2.5″ at it’s widest point so this one is going to be a little too slim for the fellas who prefer their ties with more width.  Looks to be made in the USA too.


Factory Merino Wool V-Necks – $34.65 (49.50)

Looks better on a torso than a chair.

A real good price on a closer than average fitting V-Neck.  The neck does dip a little lower than a standard V, but it’s not razor thin at the edge like the BR Silk blend.  Tons of colors to choose from.


Factory Tweed Blazer – $124.60 ($178)

Up close with the fabric.

This thing is getting a ton of play on the site right now.  Full review coming on Thursday, but here’s the cliff notes since this is its second appearance in a day.  The off the rack fit is awesome.  The sleeve buttons are non functioning and should make for easy tailoring.  It’s an 70%/30% wool nylon mix.  It’s thicker and has some heft to it.  It doesn’t feel like a classic tweed, but, it has just enough texture and feels plenty good.  A solid deal at $125.


Factory Merino Sweater vest – $27.65 ($49.50)

Oxfords under. Not t-shirts.

All hail the SVEST!  No really.  Hail it.  You just have to wear it right and not be shaped like Grimace.  Going to be hard to find a fitted sweater vest in Merino wool for under $30 anywhere else.


Factory Holborn Trench – $68.60 ($118)

To the quad. Yo.

The ultra cheap single breasted trench.  A bit of a flasher coat.  Also positioned to look like the Fukengruven stick figure has evaporated from its interior.


Factory Thompson Suit Jacket & Pants – $193.20 ($276)


The best sub $200 suit out there.  80% wool, feels better than good, great off the rack fit.  A bargain.  Full review here.

The extra 30% off J. Crew Sale and FACTORY code LOVEIT expires Friday 9/9/2011, but the good stuff should go fast.