What is Park & Bond? And will you use it?

The flash sale leader goes full retail.  But will you shop there?

Gilt Groupe’s full price retail web store:  ParkandBond.com

“I’m pleased to announce the launch of Park & Bond, Gilt’s new shopping destination for men.”
– Gilt Founder and CEO Kevin Ryan in Park & Bond email announcement

“PARK & BOND is a new online men’s store built from the ground up to reflect the way men shop, merging a curated selection of the world’s best brands with a continuously-updated mix of editorial content designed to give guys the inspiration and advice they need to look their best.”
– Via Park & Bond’s “About” section

They did it.  Gilt actually launched a full retail online store.  There’s been word that this was going to happen for awhile, and they seemed to go halfway with their Gilt Manual project which provides (or soon to be provided?) articles and advice, all while gently giving you the option to buy some of their Giltman merchandise while there.  With Park & Bond they’re doing pretty much the same thing, only it’s full price goods that go front and center.

The site has the all too familiar clean and mean look to it. GQ meets Bonobos.  They’re offering free shipping for a limited time, but maybe that’s to take the edge off the prices.  It comes across as a luxury shop.  The prices are spendy, and the designers are big time.  The least expensive pair of jeans cost $126, and the cheapest lace-ups are full price Cole Haan’s at $198. (Sidenote: They’re at Endless for $156 but that’s at lot for those, so, skip it.)

But there’s an eye widener detail here.  If you’ve amassed any credits with Gilt through returns or referrals, those credits appear to WORK on the full priced items at Park & Bond.  That might be how they take off, or, resurrect some interest in Giltman which has long since become completely ignorable for many.

Guys with Gilt accounts realize they can buy expensive stuff on Park & Bond with Gilt credits.  Same guys try and get more/other friends to sign up for Gilt to amass credits and get freebies.  Gilt wins?

Your thoughts on Gilt’s new Park & Bond project are more than welcome in the comments section below.