Rare Finds: Relatively Affordable Monk Straps

Rare Finds:  Relatively Affordable Monk Straps

Monk Strap Shoes for Under $200

Blame Matt Lauer.  Four years ago while interviewing former Senator Larry Craig about Craig’s alleged shoe tapping escapades, Lauer wore a pair of monk straps.  Monk straps were already on the rebound from a long stint in shoe purgatory, but his shoes were pretty much the only thing worth watching during that waste of electricity.  Since then, more & more shoe hounds have been on the lookout for monk straps that can work in-between loafers and lace ups.

The problem is, monk straps aren’t exactly a high priority for most.  Therefor, they aren’t a high priority for companies that make shoes for under $200.  Finding an affordable pair is a big challenge.  You’ll find most of the few options available now below, and if you’ve got leads on others, make sure to add those in the comments.

Aston Grey Astor Monk Slip On – $89.95

Monk in name only?

The good news:  They’re a hugely inexpensive version of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Cipro Monk Strap.  The bad news:  They’re not all that sleek looking, and that line around the top of the foot combined with the solo buckle is a deal breaker for most.

Geox Uomo High Life Monk Strap – $143 – $200

Anybody know how to de-emboss leather?

The price will vary depending on your color preference, but it’s the not quite as desirable black option coming in under $150.  Size selection is starting to get real limited.  Would be a no-brainer if it weren’t for the why’d-they-go-and-do-that stamped logo on the side.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Double Monk – $128.00

The ultra casual monk?

The issue with these, and it’s a big one, is that they’re made from a purposely roughed up suede.  That hugely limits their use (if they have a use at all.)  On sale for $115 over at Macy’s, but they’ll ding you on shipping.  Endless has them for $128 and they’ll ship free both ways.  From the Kenneth Cole step down brand REACTION, so don’t expect much quality-wise.

Ciro Lendini Double Monk Cap – $155.00

Hits the high points at a lower price.

The clear winner of the bunch.  Hat tip to reader Bobby who sent in the style tip on these, and actually owns a pair himself:  “The shape is perfect, they’re plenty roomy in the toe, but they still hold my heel and foot snugly.  I usually wear a 10.5, and while the 10 fits me very well, those who tend toward a small 10.5 might want to size down.”  He also mentioned that the leather is decent quality and doesn’t feel cheap either.

Your turn.  Know of any decent looking monk straps out there for under $200?  Leave it in the comments below.