Even More Bonobos Half Price Deals

Again?  What in the name of pants is going on here?

Question:  What’s with all the Bonobos half price sales?

Credit to Yianni, Ryan, Cannon, and Michael for all sending in the style tips on these.

If it’s not completely obvious, Groupon and Living Social have plenty of competition.  The half price deal market is swamped.  There’s so many of these deal websites that it’s not all that inaccurate to use the term “butt-load” when describing their numbers, and same goes for the variety of businesses who take part.  Even more appropriate since multiple markets have seen 1/2 price deals on colonics for sale.  No joke.  Here’s recent proof from Salt Lake City.  (175 people bought a half priced colonic?  Holy… C’mon citizens of the Beehive State.  Get some fiber in your diet.)

Unlike a personal excavation, 1/2 off at Bonobos is actually something that you can look forward to using.  There are two active offers right now, both of which will probably end sometime soon:

The junglecents Offer:  $48.00 for $100 at Bonobos

Is that a mustache?

This offer is being pushed by AskMen.com through the Mark Cuban backed junglecents.  Like previous 1/2 off at Bonobos deals, you’ll get a code that goes in the gift certificate field.  Not the promo code field.  That’s key.  More on that in a second.  The credit is good for six months from date of purchase.


The BuyWithMe Offer:  $45 for $90 at Bonobos

"You're from Anywhere USA too??!?"

For three dollars less you’ll get $10 less at Bonobos.  At first glance that doesn’t make much sense, but when you buy the deal you should get some sort of personalized link (a la Living Social.)  Share it, and if three of your friends buy the deal, you allegedly get yours for free.  The credit is good until 2/17/2012.

The Bottom Line:

These are initially a bit cheaper than the $60 for $120 deal that The Daily Hookup ran last month, but still… half off is half off.  They seem to work the same way, meaning, you’ll get a gift certificate code.  The promo code field is separate, and the code DAPPER seems to still be working for 20% off full price.  If you’re a new customer, they’re still offering you $50 off $100 your first time through, and they give you a promo code for that.  Can you stack a code with the deal?  Word is that you can.

But a better question may be:  How long will (or can) Bonobos keep doing this?

Full disclosure:  Never heard of junglecents or BuyWithMe before these deals launched, and a deal hasn’t been purchased from this end to test them out.  Leave your thoughts on the daily deal trend in the comments section…