Orient Watch Giveaway – July 2011

Orient Watch Giveaway – July 2011
The 12 Months of Orient: Aviator Automatic – $145.00 w/ DapperedJuly ($290)

The Orient Watch Company has a dedicated following for good reason. They’re the only watchmaker whose foundation is a wide range of incredible looking affordable automatics, & now they’ve partnered up with us to give away a different watch for each of the next 12 months. Every month we’ll review and give away a different featured watch, plus you’ll also get a new promo code good for 50% off ANY watch at OrientWatchUSA.com for that month.

UPDATE: As of late February 2012, Orient has decided to no longer honor codes that delivered 50% off. Those codes are now worth 30% off. This is a new regulation that affects all of their promotional agreements.

Click for the Up CloseRight around $150 for a well built, well proportioned, automatic watch.  That’s right in Orient’s wheelhouse.  Their Aviator Automatic is no doubt a casual/sport watch, but it looks and feels good enough on your wrist that you’ll be finding excuses to wear it on more than just the weekends.

It has a good solid weight to it.  Not heavy, but far from the wimpy thin feel many a (quartz) sport watch has.  It starts up nice and quick and even though it doesn’t have a skeleton/exhibition caseback, it’s easy to feel the oscillating weight slide around when you move it to get it going.

The crown screws down (unscrewed pic below), the Bezel rotates, and the entire face glows good and bright in the dark.  It’s a minor detail, but the leather band feels and looks better than most.  The matte finish and off white-contrast stitching helps this thing stay true to it’s “go ahead and get it dirty” feel.  It honestly looks smaller than its 43mm, but for the guys with real thin wrists, it might be an issue.

Biggest drawback is probably the first pic you see on the OrientWatchUSA website.  It’s fair to say that that particular shot doesn’t do this watch any favors.

Here’s how to win the Aviator seen here: Send an email to contests@dappered.com with the subject: Orient July.  One entry per person.   Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET on 7/2/11

Update:  Congrats to James Q. who won the Aviator in our drawing.  Ten more months & watches to go!