In Person: The Florsheim Gaffney Wingtip Boot

In Person:  The Florsheim Gaffney Wingtip Boot
Florsheim Gaffney Wingtip Boot – $96.00icon SHIPPED w/ code LINK20 ($120)

Color Pictured above:  Chestnut.  Also available in grey & blue suede, black, and a brown suede/leather hybrid.

It’s hard not to have a soft spot for the wingtip boot.  Casual but slightly elevated at the same time, they’re in a way like a gourmet hamburger.  The details far and away exceed the expectations usually had (for the burger, or in this case, a boot) and in the end everybody wins.

The only real drawback to the Gaffney is the sole.  It’s a lug (obviously) and a little too pronounced to dress way up.  Best with dark denim and cords, these will see a lot of use once autumn begins.  Until then, daytime use will probably weigh you down.  Even if you go with the brand new grey or blue suede option.  It’s the sole…. man.

But once football kicks off?  It’ll be hard not to wear these every day.

Sure they’re made in China, but the exterior leather feels surprisingly soft without any hint of that plasticky feel you get with cheap shoes made from bad leather. They’re incredibly flexible and the leather linings are comfortable on the first wear.  The boot almost feels like it molds to your foot when you lace them up.

They seem to fit true to size and while they only come in a D width, if you’re an almost wide-foot, there’s some room up through the toe box.  That also means they won’t be as slim as some would like.

These things are pretty.  Italian made, wearable-pieces-of-art pretty?  No.  But it’s tough to take your eyes off them.  It’ll also be tough to keep your feet out of them come fall.