10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – July 2011

10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – July 2011

Seventy Five dollars. That’s a lot of money.  It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym.   Seventy Five dollars.  It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right.   Ten picks follow, all under $75, and some of them are much, much less.

Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Dress shirt – $42.90icon ($65.00)

As good as an under $50 shirt gets

Probably the highest quality, best feeling dress shirt at this price point.  Unlike cheaper, flimsy shirts that mix in poly, this one is thick but not weighty.  You can instantly tell the difference.  Disappeared for awhile from the Nordstrom site, but has since come back.  Now if they could only make a twin in a light blue (although they do have one in Egyptian cotton iconfor an additional ten bucks).  Reviewed as part of a past slim fit shirt palooza.


2. Rugby Ralph Lauren Madras Card Case – $26.25 (reg. $35.00)

Cheap and unique

Summer appropriate for sure, but why stash it when the weather cools off?  Unexpected bits of color in the fall and winter are a great way to inject some life in our predictably drab wardrobes.  Keep on using it when the leaves change.  (Price reflects extra 25% off sale.  Shows up in cart.  Could end at any time.)


3. L.L. Bean Signature Saltwash Pullover – $39.99 (reg. $69.00)

Another hoodie alternative

Again, four words you’ll read here a lot between now and September… is it Fall yet?  Rugby styling, trimmer fit through the sides, and a decent weight (but not anchor heavy) fabric.  Huge points for the cuffs.


4. Superga Cuto Classic – $37.49 ($64.95)

Originally designed in 1925

White court sneakers are what most of us reach for when summer hits.  If you’re still struggling along with a pair of old nasty flip flops, or your Chuck Taylors have finally given up, the Italian brand Superga might be your cheap answer.
Superga Photo Credit


5. Bonobos Made in the USA Tan Braided Belt – $35.00icon ($50.00)

Better than J. Crew's

Part of the ongoing Bonobos summer sale.  A go-to summer belt at a more than reasonable price.  The added bonus is that it’s made in the United States.  Of course you get the Bonobos Free Shipping and Ninja powered customer service.


6. Broken Bells | Self Titled – $9.43

Came out in 2009 and hasn’t gotten old (for many of us) after a million or so plays.  Two parts spacey and one part groove.  Not bad for an easy summer evening.  The band is a project by Danger Mouse and James Mercer from The Shins.  They released a a new EP in the Spring, and hopefully a new full length album is on the way?  Maybe?


7. Marc New York Canvas Dopp Kit – $19.97 ($59.50)

Time to upgrade from a zip loc

Your dopp kit won’t be tough to find in your over packed duffel ever again.  Tough to miss when it’s bright orange.  Canvas exterior, nylon on the inside, nice looking bridle leather trim.


8.  J. Crew Triple Stripe Tie – $49.50

Made from English Silk

Ties with more than two colors can get too busy awfully quick.  Leave it to J. Crew to put three complimentary, cool colors all on the same tie with big blocky stripes, and still have it come off w/ subtlety.  Wear it with your khaki suit.


9.  The August Issue of GQ – $4.99 (Alison Brie / Gillian Jacobs from NBC’s “Community”)

Dear GQ: Thanks for this.

Part of GQ’s annual comedy issue.  Page 110 – 111.  There’s also a short video of the shoot if you’re interested…
I’m sorry, what were we talking about?


10. Art of Manliness Letterpress Stationery – $15.00 for box of 15

Envelope encased good impressions

A recent personal splurge (if you can call spending $15 a splurge.)  I was impressed with how quickly these got to the Dappered home offices after I had clicked “purchase.”  So far they’ve been used as thank you notes and cards for birthday presents.  They’re miles ahead of any store bought cards.  Tons of motifs available for you to pick from.

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