The Best of Affordable Spring Jackets

The Best of Affordable Spring Jackets

Light Outerwear – Spring 2011

Spring jackets, short jackets, whatever you want to call them we all know what they are.  Usually cotton or maybe a nylon windbreaker, just about waist long or a little longer, and not leather.  They’re the jackets we grab on cooler nights when we go out for a quick bite, or the outwear we take with us on not quite warm afternoon hikes.

Are they as versatile as a great fitting well proportioned trench?  Nah.  But you’d look like a wayward Inspector Gadget if you geared up in your trench on the trail.  A few options follow, none more than $200.  Many much less…


Penfield Russell Jacket in Fawnicon, Navyicon, or Red – $145.00icon ($95 for 1st time Bonoboersicon)

Non-lame windbreakers

It’s all about the contrast.  Retro without looking costumey.  Heritage New England brand.  James Dean-ish only faster. (Take $50 off if you’re a 1st time customer by clicking hereicon.)


Banana Republic Fatigue Jacket – $97.50 w/ code BRSUNNY (reg. $130.00)

Buttoned or zipped, looks better closed.

Looks better in person than on the web.  Deeper in color than the pic you see at the top of the page, with really nice dark silver hardware.  Semi-epaulets that are more straps sewed at the ends. Collar looks great standing up or laying down. Fitted through the sides and comes equipped with hand warmer pockets.


Spiewak Khaki Cypress Jacket – $119.00icon ($69 for 1st time Bonoboersicon)

Hood doesn't stow, but still well proportioned.

52% Cotton / 48% Nylon means it’s water resistant without feeling like a garbage bag.  And considering the description says:  “Contemporary fit. Cut to fit snug” it won’t fit like one either.  (Take $50 off if you’re a 1st time customer by clicking hereicon.)


French Connection Egyptian Cotton Jacket – $51.99 (reg. $150)

Maybe not for May.

For the colder climates for sure.  Drops lower than a standard spring jacket, and comes with the drawstring waist.  Might be worth packing away till fall.  A warning:  It’s a final sale item.


Ben Sherman Striped Nylon Jacket – $139.00

Was under a "30% off sign" when I found it.

Tough to find online (translation: impossible to find online) but check Macy’s if you’re looking for a dark nylon jacket with a little more character than usual.  Stow away hood in the collar, stripes at just the banded waist, and no elastic banding at the cuffs.


Lands’ End Canvas Grey Chambray Harrington – $55.65 (reg. $79.50) w/code

Grey makes all the difference.

Use the code BLOOM30 and pin 2892 through today (Tuesday May 3rd) and you’ll get 30% off the highest priced item in your cart.  And if you’re going to go so old-school you’re wearing a Harrington?  Might as well merge it with the chambray trend.  But not in the standard denim blue, a cool grey.


J. Crew Cadet Jacket – $118.00 (reg. $128.00)

Barely marked down, but that's big for J. Crew

Your standard military inspired cotton jacket, with less pockets than their “can we fit another pocket on here?” fatigue jacket.  Actually on sale.  For only $10 off, but still.


Ralph Lauren Grange Poplin Tartan Jacket – $198.00

Where's Waldo on acid.

Yeah… blending in is completely out with this one.  Expensive too.  Teflon coated cotton twill.  So not only is it as loud as an air raid siren, it’s non stick too.


Filson for Levi’s Oil Finish Trucker Jacket – $198.00

More country than city, but that's not a bad thing.

Most Filson stuff is cut pretty big.  Not the case here.  The notes tell you to “order two sizes up for a generous fit.”  Nice.  Brushed Moleskin at collar and cuffs, adjustable side tabs.  Made in the USA.

Got a favorite throw and go light jacket it?  Feel free to add your picks below…