The Best Looking Seiko 5 Series Ever

The Best Looking Seiko 5 Series Ever

Seiko 5 SNZJ5 + 6 Series – $140 – $160

All hail the Seiko 5.  It’s one of the few movements that both the proud contingent of auto addicts as well as those who appreciate the affordability of quartz can actually agree upon.  And now that legendary & inexpensive Seiko automatic movement comes wrapped in some of the best looking exteriors ever.

Leather ready too.

Released in the last few months, the Seiko 5 SNZJ5 and SNZJ6 series come with a couple of different dial and band options, but they all carry with them a few dead-on perfect details:

  • A rotating inner bezel, thus that terrific extra crown
  • A not too big not too small 42.5mm case diameter
  • A not too aggressive coin edge on the outer case.

Just enough sport, easy to dress up with a suit, still appropriate for a t-shirt and jeans.  All of the looks for around $150 and it comes with the Seiko 5 movement.

That’s plenty cheap for even leather band fans to swap out the stainless steel links (say, perhaps on the white dial with orange/red accents version to the right) and instead opt for a black leather band with white contrast stitching.

From Left – Right up top:  Seiko SNZJ67, SNZJ59, and SNZJ63. All sold direct by Amazon.