Tommy Hilfiger 40% Off Sitewide Sale

Tommy Hilfiger 40% Off Sitewide Sale

Hilfiger Friends and Family Sale – 40% off with code BEFRIENDS

Free shipping on orders over $150.  Code expires Friday 4/8

Tommy Hilfiger got a much needed re-boot last year.  Unfortunately it just wasn’t as good as the Lands’ End Canvas or L.L. Bean Signature debut.  Some Hilfiger clothes (okay, most) still run big.  Aside from their trim fit suits, Hilfiger clothes almost always require guys who are in shape or slim to size down.  And if you’re slim to skinny, you just might have to forget it all together.

That said, 40% off site wide is still worth perking up for.  Use the code BEFRIENDS for the discount.  You pay for shipping if your purchase is under $150 (which is a pretty high threshold.  C’mon Tommy…) but U.S. returns are free.

Tommy Hilfiger Cognac Brogue – $108.00 (reg. $160)

Why can't all toes look like that?

Well that certainly looks close to perfect.  Like these only with a better looking toe.  And for $30 more.  Description says they have “worn-in effects.”  So burnishing?  Or does it go further?


Tommy Hilfiger Oxford Boot – $101.99 (reg. $220)

Available in Black and Brown

Already on sale, the extra 40% off drops them to below half the original price.  Another great looking simple toe, and if you zoom in to the bottom of the certainly-looks-like-leather sole, there appears to be a Made in Italy stamp on there.  Who knows if they’re all made in Italy, but that’s encouraging.


Tommy Hilfiger Lambswool Arm Stripe V-Neck – $29.99 (reg. $59.00)

A hoodie alternative?

This one’s different.  Already on sale, it doesn’t look like a standard V-neck even at the collar.  More like a layer you’d throw on when the temps dip at night.  Nice arm stripe, marled charcoal body, all lambswool.


Tommy Hilfiger Gingham Bowtie – $23.40 (reg. $39.00)

Hand that man a mint julep.

You’ve got to be a certain kind of guy to pull off a casual bow tie.  And I myself, am not that certain kind of guy.  But I know many of you are, or, aspire to be and have serious casual bow-tie guy upside.


Tommy Hilfiger Canvas Duffle – $59.40 (reg. $99.00)

Not a bad looking backup bag.

Most own a weekend getaway duffel.  But for those weekends when 2 or 3 days could stretch into 4 or 5, it’s nice to have a second bag for a few extra sets of clothes.  Just $60 and looks pretty basic (in a good way).  Dimensions aren’t listed.  Which is odd since y’know, it’s a bag and it’d be good to know how much you can fit in it.  A call to customer service was inconclusive.  They said they’d look into it and call back.  They haven’t yet.  But another pic on the site shows it being carried (by a skinny relative of the dudley boys?) and it looks to be of decent size.
UPDATE: Dimensions are now posted on their site: 23.5 (L) X 10.5″ (W) X 14.5″ (H)


Tommy Hilfiger Cotton/Linen Cricket Vest – $29.40 (reg. $49.00)

Crumpet eater.

The ultra preppy cable knit cricket vest has been shown some favor by the style magazines this year.  To tone down the muffy-ness just a touch, ditch the cables and work in a brighter red.  Wear it over a collared long sleeve shirt of some sort.  Vest + Tee = Justin Timberlake from a few years back.  88% Cotton, 12% linen.  Like the bow tie, not everyone’s cup of tea.  Unless you take tea every day.  Then it’s very much your cup of tea.

Tommy Hilfiger Automatic Sport Watch – $87.00 (reg. $145)

A sub $90 auto

There are some who demand an automatic and shun quartz.  For those in that very category yet don’t have a lot of money (so, all two of you?), this is one of the few double digit auto options.  Under $90 is pretty cheap for an automatic (Amazon description says it’s a Japanese Auto), so this very well could be one of those looks much, much better on the site than it does out of the box.  Face could be way too big.  Nice perforated strap though.  Going for $92.14 over at Amazon. Risky at best.

The extra 40% off Tommy Hilfiger code BEFRIENDS expires Friday 4/8