How to wear the $10 Italian Silk Knit Tie

How to wear the $10 Italian Silk Knit Tie
Lands’ End Canvas Black and Purple Wide Stripe Knit Tie – $9.99 (reg. $39.50)

Thanks to John for sending in the styletip on the sub $10 price drop
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Ten bucks?  It has a “Made in Italy” label on it.  Ridiculous.  It’s a solid weight, ties a really nice four in hand, and at 2 3/4″ it’s the perfect width.  Far from those under 2″ razor thin ties you see flying around.  Since it’s a knit with one bold color you can wear it a million different ways.  Especially at this time of year.  Here’s just three of em’:


With a Three-Piece Suit:  Suit by Indochino, Shirt by Nordstrom

Serious if you want to be, but not stiff.

Want to reduce the sometimes stifling boardroom feel of a three piece?  Wear a knit tie.  It’s the right balance of structure and loosened up.  A medium to light gray will help the tie jump.  No need for a pocket square here.


With a casual oxford, vest, and jeans or chinos:  Shirt by LEC, Svest by Express

The pants are up to you.

It’s worth repeating:  You can wear a tie with jeans.  Just not the shiny silk Regis Philbin kind.  A washed oxford with a lighter pattern adds some depth.  Make sure the shirt has a button down collar or stays.


With a Cotton Summer Suit:  Suit by L.L. Bean Signature, Pinstripe Shirt by Alfani Red

The instinctive match.

Summer suits are supposed to be fun to wear.  And a knit tie with a summer suit is the easiest pairing to make.  A light blue striped shirt like the one above, and a pair of slim loafers (sockless when it’s hot) will do just fine.

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