Style Debate: “Can I help you find anything today?”

Style Debate:  “Can I help you find anything today?”

Love it or hate it?  The Standard Retail Greeting.

“Welcome to Wally’s Wearable Widgets.  Let us know if we can help you find anything…

And then they’d leave you alone.

That never happens.  Ever.  But it should.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Because there are two types of customers:

#1  Those that have worked in retail, and hate it when they’re not greeted when they walk in.
#2  Those that have not worked in retail, and just want to be left alone.

A welcome, and an open ended offer to help.  That should work for both types.  Not the usual direct “can I help you find anything?” which is then followed by waiting for your answer.  No thanks.  Not even if it’s coming from an elegantly done up, pencil skirt sporting, lovely young female sales associate.  Trust me.  Most of us would be more than happy to track her down.

So what say you?  Do you like being asked if you need help?  Your answers go in the comments section below.

Top Photo Credit:  This guy.. Oh, and ladies… pencil skirts.  Just sayin’.

Ann Taylor at ShopStyle