STORE WARS – Where style and brackets collide

STORE WARS – Where style and brackets collide

Store Wars:  March 15th – April 4th 2011

Sixteen retailers enter this tournament and only one will finish without a loss.  Our selection committee has chosen what they believe to be the top 16 stores, sites, and brands of the affordable men’s style world.  But unlike that other bracket based tournament which happens around this time of year, you have a direct say as to who moves on, and who gets sent packing.

Starting Tuesday March 15th, a new head to head match-up will be open for your votes.  You pick which store you prefer, and click to leave your vote.  The store with the most votes at the end of the day moves on to the next round.  The comments section will also be open for you to make a case and debate the merits of each side.

(Click above for a slightly larger full sized bracket.)  Let the pre-tournament kerfuffle begin.  Did the committee get the seedings right?  Which “bubble” stores got unfairly left out?  Got any predictions?  It all goes in the comments section below.

Region 1 – Stores and Seedings

1. Macy’s 2. J. Crew 3. Banana Republic 4. Brooks Brothers 5. Indochino 6. 7. Thrift Stores 8. Target

Region 2 – Stores and Seedings

1. Nordstrom 2. Gap 3. Amazon 4. Lands’ End Canvas 5. Endless 6. L.L. Bean Signature 7. Express 8. Topman