J. Crew Extra 30% Off Sale Items

J. Crew Extra 30% Off Sale Items

J. Crew Extra 30% off with code LOVEIT

Code will also get you free shipping on $150+  Credit to Rick in the comments over here for noticing too.

It’s Banana Republic and GAP that seem to be perpetually on sale.  But J. Crew really has been ratcheting up the frequency on their extra 30% off events lately.  It’s not site wide of course, but there’s some versatile and/or unique items in there right now.  And with the extra 30% off, it gets down to that Banana Republic price range.  Despite their graphic (up there^) implying the discount only applies to final sale, it’s actually good on all sale items.  But watch out for those “final sale” items, because as you probably well know, you can’t return those.

Is it a coincidence that this new extra 30% off sale just so happens to be on the VERY SAME DAY J. Crew faces BR in Store Wars?  Of course it’s a coincidence.  Here’s some picks, none of which are final sale.  For now…

J. Crew Suede Wing Tips – $96.60 (reg. $158.00)

Jeans, chinos, whatever.

Shoes from J. Crew for under $100?  Stop the presses on that one.  Suede shoes usually come in the all too thick and bulky toe shape that has been the standard for a century.  J. Crew slims it down and adds wingtip details.

J. Crew Rugged Twill Briefcase – $68.60 (reg. $128.00)

Maybe not all that rugged.

Well hell.  This thing has been on the radar for awhile now, and Bryan over here in the comments said he hasn’t really been please with its lack of actual ruggedness.  It’s falling apart on him.  It has a chance of imploding over the next year.  But for $70, is it worth the risk?

J. Crew Secret Wash Button Down Collar Gingham Shirt – $34.65 (reg. $59.50)

Nothing wrong with that button down collar either

Everybody thinks of the color blue when it comes to gingham.  An earthier color like this is a great way to break out of that mold.  $35 isn’t a bad price for a J. Crew shirt either.

J. Crew Black Watch Ludlow Sportcoat – $209.99 (reg. $425)

Christmas in... March?

You’re buying out of season.  You’re also getting it for half off with free shipping.  I’m sure if you live north of the Mason Dixon line you could find a way to work it in one more time before it gets too warm.  Sizes are going fast.

The J. Crew Extra 30% off Sale code LOVEIT expires Thursday 3/31.  But you guys know the drill, sizes go fast and if you stumble across anything marked Final Sale you can’t return that item.  So be  careful.