The 7 Not So Deadly Sins of Affordable Style

The 7 Not So Deadly Sins of Affordable Style

The Seven Not So Deadly Affordable Style Sins

Above photo credit:  Steve Snodgrass

1. Buying something just because it’s on sale

Do you need it?  Do you really even want it?  Do you already have a similar item in your closet, or hell… are you wearing an almost identical iteme at that very moment?  Then set it down and walk away.

2. Not taking care of your clothes properly.

You need garment bags for your suits, shoe trees for your shoes, and wide shouldered hangers for your blazers and sportcoats.  Those cardboard covered pants hangers are fine for your jeans and chinos, and plastic works well for regular shirts.  Never hang up your sweaters.  Those go in a drawer with a couple blocks of cedar.

Don't be an Uncle Jesse

3. Being overprotective of your clothes, shoes, etc…

Taking care of your stuff is one thing, freaking out if a speck of mud gets on your pants is another.  Remember how anal retentive Uncle Jesse was on Full House about his hair?  Right.  Don’t do that when it comes to your Italian loafers either.  Enjoy what you’ve worked hard to get.  Don’t walk around scared that someone will spill something on it.

4. Getting your hair cut by someone different each time.

Speaking of hair, your hair is the one thing you wear every single day.  You’re going to want to find someone that knows how you like it to look, and someone who you can be honest with if you weren’t exactly thrilled with how they cut it the last time.  Sure you want a talented stylist / barber.  But you also want the same one, each time.

5. Not having a tailor

Getting sick of hearing this yet?

6. Getting on a plane looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Those pilots?  The one that see you when you get on the plane?  Those are the same pilots who are keeping you from crashing into the ground.  How’d you like it if you stepped onto a 737 and the pilots were wearing flip flops?

7. Thinking about what you’re wearing after you leave the house.

Having a sense of style and looking good is a means to an end.  It’s not the end.  Feeling your best, having confidence, and being taken seriously by anyone you deal with is the point of all this.  So after it all goes on?  It should pretty much wander out of your mind.  Because now the real fun begins.

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