Steal the Style: Jason Statham in The Mechanic

Steal the Style:  Jason Statham in The Mechanic

Steal the Style – Jason Statham’s “Arthur Blank” in The Mechanic

I don’t know why I was expecting more but I was.  It’s hard to deny Statham’s potential as not just an action star, but a thriller/action/doesn’t-rely-on-tons-of-explosions male lead.  He can do this.  See his 2008 flick The Bank JobThe Mechanic leans a little too close to the Nicholas Cage / John Travolta eye roller Face Off.

It’s not Statham’s fault though.  He’s easily the best part of the film.  Yes it’s his standard character.  His filmography is like the AC/DC catalogue.  Low on range, high on testosterone awesomeness.  The Mechanic hiccups w/ the ridiculous body count, Ben Foster’s character, and oddities like Statham using in a blatant product placement to research an enemy.  Assassins Ask Jeeves?

It has moments but they’re too few.  Wait for it on Netflix for a slow weekend evening.  During which you might be wearing something like Statham’s rough but upgraded casual wardrobe.  Here’s a few affordable alternatives…

The Coat:  J. Crew Wool University Coat – $129.99 (reg. $235)

Close but not quite identical, the coat Statham wears in the movie doesn’t have flap front pockets and instead has more of a mock neck.  But between the single breasted front and mid to upper thigh length, it’s plenty close.  Especially when it’s on sale for $130.  Careful though, it’s final sale.  So no returns.

The Sweater:  Farrah Coppard Shawl Collar – $129.99 (reg. $190)

Big knit, dark toggles, thick and wide shawl collar.  This thing commands more of a presence in the movie than the one female co-star.  Similar sweaters are pricey.  This one via Urban Outfitters is close, with another similar option coming from  J. Crew.  Toggle-less is far and away the cheapest thanks to this $35 version from L.E.C.

The Long Sleeve:  Calvin Klein Waffle Knit Thermal – $31.20 ($39.00)

Looks like assassins like their thick boxy knits.  When you have a neck and traps like Jason Statham, what usually passes for something resembling long underwear can look plenty good.  The Calvin Klein version, although expensive, has raglan sleeves and a more updated looking fit.  Now go do some pull-ups.

The Sunglasses:  Cole Haan C704 – $135.00

Tough to find alternatives for the movie version.  These guys over here seem to think they’re $400 and made by a company called IC! berlin.  They drop deep, are incredibly squared off, have minimal framing, and come straight back through the earpiece.  Gradient lenses too.  Like some sort of Sarah Palin Eyewear / Blu blocker hybrid.  The Cole Haans are kinda (okay, not really) close.  Why don’t you just go with these instead?

Would you wear any of it?  Or would you rather go with something like Statham’s peak lapel suit he wore to the premier?  Leave your pick in the comments section below…