Overstock.com Alert: Italian Made Boots for $80

Overstock.com Alert:  Italian Made Boots for $80

Pitti “Beatle 01” Italian Leather Boots – $76.99 | Pitti “Brotton” Italian Suede Boots – $81.99

Thanks to Matt for sending in the Style Tip

Too good to be true?  Maybe for once that’s not the case.  There’s nothing but rave reviews on Overstock.com, the country of origin is purportedly Italy (exact wording is “these Italian made boots“) , and the styling on both pairs looks great.  Great toes, great shape, nothing crazy as far as detailing.  Just great.

The Chelseas are classic and even the gore siding has a nice subtle shape to it.  The Suede boots would go a long way towards mimicking Daniel Craig’s shawl collar / chinos / suede boots look in Quantum of Solace when he goes back to find Mathis.  (Also a suggested outfit in last year’s What to Wear on Valentine’s Day feature)

Reader Matt, who sent in the style tip, owns the Suedes and he’s a fan.  See his pics below.  Worst case scenario is that the description/stamp is misleading, and you get dinged for the original shipping (just $2.95) and return shipping charges (varies, could be as much as $6 – $8).  Click here to see our quick chat with a customer service rep.

Pics from Reader Matt. Not bad for $80.