Dappered Classics – The Best of Tiffany & Co. Under $500

Dappered Classics – The Best of Tiffany & Co. Under $500

The Best of Tiffany & Co. – Under $500

Originally Published 12/22/2010… But if you’re looking for a last minute yet impressive Valentine’s Day Gift?  Order by Noon ET on Saturday Feb. 12th and express in time for Valentine’s Day shipping is absolutely free.

Fellas.  Christmas is Saturday.  Some of you are set.  Good for you guys.  The one’s who muttered “sh*t” in their heads?  You’re officially under the gun.  When time gets crunched to this extent, you have to start sacrificing when it comes to the selection on gifts for her.  Most of the in-store stuff has been picked over.  Hard.  And if you go online, you’ll end up paying a boatload for express shipping, and who knows if she’ll even like it.

A piece of jewelry from Tiffany is the solution if you’ve got a a little bit of money to spend.  They throw in free shipping and as long as you order by Noon EST on Thursday, it’ll get there in time for Christmas.  Plus, the risk factor is pretty low when she sees that signature light blue Tiffany & Co. box staring back at her.

Now, are these things expensive?  Absolutely.  Are you running out of time?  Indeed.

Tiffany Twist Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver – $175.00

Expensive and unique.

Almost every woman has a pair of smallish sized hoop earrings.  Maybe they have more than one pair.  This pair delivers a rope twist texture and legendary quality.  Still pricey for silver hoops.

Tiffany Signature Sterling Silver Earrings – $300

Even more expensive.

Who woulda thunk a pair of easily worn in casual situations earrings could cost so much?  Ah that’s right.  They’re from Tiffany.  She can really wear these just about anywhere.  And for $300, I’m thinkin’ you should hope she will.

Elsa Peretti Pearls by the Yard Bracelet – $275

Pink pearls and great spacing.

Not every woman is the bracelet type.  So if you’ve never seen her wear a bracelet?  Probably best to steer clear.
Pink pearls on this one.  Dressy, but still fun.  Also available with white pearls.

Palmoa Picasso Bead Bracelet – $150.00

Paging Audrey Hepburn

Again, not every woman is the bracelet type.  And even if she is, maybe she’s not the gleaming jewelry type.  If she’s more of the retro chic 50s/60s style, this bracelet should go nicely with her favorite little black dress.  (UPDATE:  This one looks like it’s now missing from the Tiffany website.  Call them with the SKU 26598311)

Tiffany Twist Ring in Sterling Silver – $125.00

Least expensive, most risky.

WARNING: If you’re not married or engaged, do NOT get her a ring.  Even if it’s one without a diamond such as this.  And if she never wears an accent ring?  Don’t get this for her either.

Tiffany Sparklers Citrine Pendant – $250.00

Hard to ignore, in the good kind of way.

The most can’t-miss it bang for your buck piece on the list.  Cushion cut.  Bright Yellow.  And at $250, it’s a stunner for a relatively low cost.  She won’t wear it all that often, but it’ll get noticed when she does.

Tiffany Pearls by the yard Necklace – $325.00

Pretty, classy, etc...

As classy as it gets.  Still fun though.  Not as stiff or formal as a traditional strand of pearls.  Still plenty dressy.  If she wants them to be dressy.

Elsa Perretti Diamonds by the Yard Necklace – $495.00

You're paying for the quality, not quantity here.

Don’t expect the diamonds to be much larger than speck sized when it arrives.  But being that they’re from Tiffany, they should be clear, bright, and bounce light better than anything close in size.

Order by Noon EST on Thursday December 23rd for the complimentary in time for Christmas shipping.  Good luck, and if you’re a bit freaked out by buying her jewelry, take a look at our how-to guide right here.