Cyber Monday for Men – Best Deals and Open Thread

Cyber Monday for Men – Best Deals and Open Thread

Cyber Monday 2010 – Best Deals and Open Thread

Above Photo Credit: Eric Castro

Thank goodness Al Gore invented the internet and LOLCats has kept it kicking.  Because if there’s no internet, there’s no Cyber Monday.  And if there’s no Cyber Monday, those who just don’t have the patience for in-store Black Friday crowds would be totally S.O.L. when it comes to early holiday shopping savings.

Cyber Monday was rightfully slammed for years as being shallow.  Deals were scarce and it seemed like retailers invented the term in a shameless attempt at ramping up their online business.  And if that was the case, their plan worked.  So much so that now the deals are actually there, and The National Retail Federation is reporting that 90% of retailers have some sort of Cyber Monday promotion planned for today.  That’s up from 73% last year.  No, it won’t be as good as Black Friday… but it’s growing.  Some of the promotions will be weak.  Here’s a few of the strongest ones.  And feel free to leave the deals you’re seeing in the comments section below.
. Save $30 on every $100, $60 on $200, and $100 on $300.  Watches INCLUDED

That’s a pretty good deal from Amazon’s sister shoe & accessories site. They often offer free 2-day shipping too.  Not a bad way to get a pair of $200 shoes for $140. Or, a pair of already on sale Regal Kings from Kenneth Cole New York for $73.  The real deal seems to be if you’re looking to pick up a new timepiece.  With the discount you can get this Citizen Eco Drive for $180 (the lowest I’ve ever seen for that model), this Golana for $109, and the Orient Mako for $112.  Do they have the same vast selection that Amazon has?  No… but the discounts today are worth taking a look at what they do have.
. Specials plus Spend $75, get 25% off.  Spend $150, get 30% off shoes?

First, the specials.  If you go to Amazon’s Cyber Monday page, you’ll notice the “Lightning Deals” box at the top.  Those are mini flash sales that show timed limited stock sales in just about every category.  Scroll down and you’ll find non-timed better stock sales with still sizable discounts.  For example:  Get the entire third season of Mad Men for $12.99.  Also, according to ABC News, Amazon should be offering a pretty nice tiered discount today and will knock 25% off some purchases over $75 and 30% off some over $150.  At first it sounded like that this would be site wide, but… that’s not the case.  At all.  Damn.
.  Site Wide Specials plus free shipping on $75 orders with code CYBER

Cyber Monday at Macy’s is like Black Friday in the respect that they don’t do a lot of blanket 20-40% off deals.  It’s a lot of picking and choosing.  Tons of “specials” that are 70% not worth your time, 25% tempting, and 5% actual steals.  Two examples for this Cyber Monday include This Kenneth Cole Wesley Peacoat for $144.99 shipped, and these monster heavy winter boots by Sperry for those who live in nasty climates.  Just $85 today.
.  “up to” 40% off Everything

Not everyone uses or has even heard of Yoox.  Think of them as the high end designer version of  Big time names like Armani, Prada, and Zegna.  Still big time prices.  Less so when everything is 40% off.


Lord & Taylor: 25% off site wide with some exclusions

What will those limited exclusions be?  Not sure.  They might not have the largest selection available on their site, but with brands like Burberry, Bulova, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren, an extra 25% off never hurts.  Plus their own Black Brown 1826 ain’t half bad for basics either.  Need a few picks?  Maybe a new camel coat or investing in this not quite a Cartier tank watch from ESQ by Movado.

Piperlime:  20% off the entire website (with some restrictions)

This is the Gap’s shoe store.  They recently jumped to a free shipping both ways at no minimum, which is nice… and their customer service has been good to me in the past.  But at 20% off, it’s best to check with Endless and their $30 off $100 deal if your purchase gets over the century mark.  Going with something that’s just under $100 like the Clark’s Desert boot?  Buy em’ at Piperlime, since with the 20% off they’ll cost just $76.  Need new sneakers?  Converse Jack Purcells will only run $40.  And remember, there’s no minimum for free shipping.
. 30% off the entire website plus free shipping

The good news is the deal.  The better news is that the Hilfiger Fieldhouse 18″ and 22″ rolling duffel just showed back up on their site.  A paltry $62.99 will get you the smaller 18″ duffel, while the 22″ roller now costs $98.

Eddie Bauer: 30% off everything plus free shipping with code CYBERDAY

Sure Eddie Bauer leans a little casual and boxy.  Doesn’t mean there aren’t more than a few pieces that are worth it, especially at 30% off.  Like the Born Kilbury driving moc which is perfect for getting through airport security.  Too bad their sueded jersey mock is no longer available…

Is Cyber Monday a bit more scattered when it comes to the deals and retailers compared to Black Friday?  Absolutely.  That and the details  on the discounts are really tough to confirm.  Leave any additions you may see while surfing around the interwebs on Cyber Monday in the comments section below…