The casual jacket alternative – BR Quilted Full Zip

The casual jacket alternative – BR Quilted Full Zip

Banana Republic Quilted Full Zip Jacket – $91.00 (reg. $130)

If I hadn't seen it in store, there's no way I'd give this a second look.’s 30% off select styles of outerwear ends 10/26.  Online only.  Get free shipping over $100 with the code BRFREE 100.

Criminey they’ve just murdered this thing with poor styling choices and photography.  If you see this thing in store, do yourself a favor and try it on.  Here’s what you can expect to see in person that you won’t see in the photos on

  • A slightly darker and much better color
  • Not nearly as much poofiness.  It’s pretty sleek in person
  • A perfect thin-width dark greyish stripe on the shoulders
  • A trim and straight fit through the body.
  • Killer pockets that dart in then slope up and stay close.
  • Not nearly as pronounced stitching. makes this thing look baby poop greenish, as thick as Marty McFly’s “life preserver” and they foul up the look with a half hazardously worn scarf.  Where’d this goober learn to tie a scarf anyway?  It’s not a limp piece of pasta son.  Cinch a bit.

All kidding / negativity aside, this thing looks much better in person and is a sportier higher style casual jacket alternative to the usual all cotton cadet.  On the web it looks like a 4.  In person it’s a 9.5.  Not badly priced at $130 and a steal at $91.00 during this sale.

Being that the 30% off drops the quilted full zip under $100, you won’t be able to use the BRFREE100 code for free shipping.  Unless you pick up something else to push you over that $100 threshold.  Perhaps a merino wool cable knit beanie for $24.50:

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