Macy’s One Day Sale Picks – October 22 – 23

Macy’s One Day Sale Picks – October 22 – 23

Macy’s One Day Sale Picks – October 22 – 23, 2010

As always, it’s incredibly tough to peg when Macy’s will launch a One Day Sale. Sometimes a month and a half will go by between them, sometimes only a few weeks will pass. One thing is certain: These are sales worth paying attention to. The one-day sale prices are some of the best mark downs in the retail industry. Here’s some of the best from the One-Day-Sale which runs Friday October 22nd – Saturday October 23rd. Know that we’ve only picked items with a wide range of sizes.

Kenneth Cole Counter Point Boot – $119.99 (reg. $158)

Could probably do without the rivet.

Maybe the mass market retailers are starting to catch on.  Less does equal more.  Check out the opening line of the description on Macy’s:  “Tired of all the needless bells and whistles?”  Indeed.  Pretty plain, mid ankle length, and not from the REACTION line.  Also available in brown.

Alfani Red Mini Tweed Suit Jacket $150 (reg. $325) | Matching Pant $65 (reg. $125)

Slim, taupe, and tweed?

Mini tweed?  What’s that mean?  I haven’t seen this in person but if it actually does have any sort of tweed feel to it, even if it is smoothed out some, this could be a steal at around $200.

Kenneth Cole Wool Walking Coat – $159.99* (reg. $295)

Distinguished but not stuffy.

This herringbone coat first showed up in the affordable outwear lineup.  But now thanks to the One Day Sale it’s an extra $20 off.  It is a wool mix and don’t expect it to be the thickest coat in the world.
*UPDATERead what Josh had to say in the comments section below.  Not only did he find it on Overstock for $99, he also points out that the mock neck zip up the guy is wearing?  Is actually part of the coat.  Never even noticed that in the description, and unless it zips out or somehow can be detached?  I’d say this is a no-go.

Alfani RED Solid Fitted Dress Shirts – $19.99 (reg $45)

Ol' reliable.

Death, taxes, and the Alfani Red slim fit dress shirt getting marked down to $20 on a one day sale.  You can count on it.  It took them awhile, but Alfani Red finally came out with a solid version of their popular textured stripe dress shirt.  And the fitted shape allows a lot of us to skip tailoring.

Hugo Boss Fitted Pink Check French Cuff Dress Shirt – $79.99 (reg. $125)

Checked, pink, and $80.

Not affordable.  But a stand out shirt.  For the guys who have a little more money, wear a little more color, and like a little bit (but please, not too much) flash in their wardrobe.


Samsonite Delegate II Attache – $79.99 (reg. $120)

Drugs? Cash? Both?

Sure leather is what 90% of the population carries.  The other 9% carries canvas.  Then there’s that 1% that you do not… under any circumstances… want to cross.  They carry these things.

Bulova Stainless Steel 98B131 – $206.25 (reg $275)

A fair price at $200.

The Rolex for the rest of us.  Perfect link size, nice coin edge bezel, and nice orange details like the minute numerals and second hand.

This current Macy’s One Day Sale ends on Saturday October 23rd 10/22-10/23