Is this the best stubble trimmer available? – Norelco QT4070

Is this the best stubble trimmer available? – Norelco QT4070

Philips Norelco QT4070 Turbo Vacuum Beard & Stubble Trimmer – $59.99

Digital huh?

My beard trimmer died the other day.  The motor just upped and crapped out.  It had a good long run, considering I bought it for $20 at a Rite Aid about four years ago.  Some would say this would have been a great opportunity to pick up the ol’ Mach 3 and go clean shaven, but I’m full on addicted to having stubble.   The ladies seem to like it, and it’s one trend I refuse to give up.

What I wanted was something as close to my old Remington as I could get.  Plus I had procrastinated for a week and a half, so waiting for shipping just wasn’t an option.  After picking it up, setting it down and walking away, then actually heading back to the aisle and picking it up again… I purchased that somewhat costly thing you see above.  Here’s what I found…

The Pros:

  • Just one adjustable guard.  Clicks up and down by thumb-wheel.  No screwing with other guards.
  • Digital display shows guard length and battery charge.
  • Internal vacuum actually captures about 90 -95% of whiskers
  • Smooth blade operation, no tugging and delivers an even trim
  • “Turbo” option that increases vacuum fan and razor speed
  • Wall plug can be used as power source.  Never any waiting if it runs out of charge

The Cons:

  • The cost.  $60 is pretty expensive
  • Non-turbo mode seems like it should be more powerful
  • You have to brush out  the whisker chamber every so often
  • Looks like some sort of Storm Trooper marital aide

The Verdict:  Well worth the money (to me at least)

I’m glad I went back and picked it up.  Because even though the vacuum seemed like a gimmick at first, it really does do a nice job.  Instead of having to stand in the shower to buzz my face, I can stand over the sink and it’ll require minimum cleanup after.  Plus there’s just one guard and it cuts long enough so this trimmer can be used on, uh… “other” areas.  Does it look a little odd?  Sure.  But it won’t be going any farther than the bathroom.

Got a favorite beard trimmer, shaver, or razor?  Leave it in the comments section below…