The Best Affordable V-Neck Sweaters – Fall 2010

The Best Affordable V-Neck Sweaters – Fall 2010

The Best Affordable V-Necks for Fall

Cardigans aren’t for everyone and crew-necks can lean a little too casual.  Thus, the V-neck reigns supreme.  Throw a well fitting V-neck on over an oxford, put a  tailored blazer on top of that, and you’ll look better than 95% of the guys working in today’s American business casual offices.  It’s can’t miss layering.  And any of these will most likely be a can’t miss addition to your fall wardrobe.  They’re all relatively affordable, and each one has been tried on in person.  Now, many  more were tried on, (some truly awful) but these are the best that are worth mentioning.

Old Navy Rugby Striped V-Neck – $19.99 (reg. $24.50)

$20 on the left. $62 on the right.

Solids are always a safer and more formal bet, but the bold stripe look is migrating north from your socks for the fall.  Good for weekends, even good for the office.  The Old Navy V-Neck you see above has a decently trim fit and the fabric isn’t spongy like most cotton sweaters.  It actually feels slightly like wool.  But not in a bad way.  That sweater directly to the right?  It’s an almost identical version from J. Crew.  That one will run you $40 more.

Alfani Supima Cotton V-Neck – $29.99 (reg. $50.00)

Basic, but still pretty good.

This Macy’s house brand sweater shouldn’t be confused with coming from the younger more modern leaning Macy’s line Alfani RED.  It’s not super bulky, but I wouldn’t call it close fitting either.  The depth of the V-neck is perfect, and the fabric at the V is kind of interesting.  It’s woven in a way to create a stand out slight ribbing, but it’s the same thickness as the rest of the sweater.  (Makes more sense in person) Not bad if you want a low investment machine washable option.  A good variety of colors to pick from as well.

Banana Republic Silk Cotton Cashmere V-neck – $59.50

Thin but strong.

The sweater itself is 75% silk, 20% cotton, and the remaining 5% is cashmere.  That makeup gives you a thin but springy and strong v-neck.  Thanks worms.  The V will be a little deep for some, but the arm length and torso are perfect.  This is the sleeved big brother to the best svest on the market, and it’s extremely smooth and easy to slide under a jacket.  A solid $44.65 if you catch a 25% off sale.  But honestly, it’s worth full price.

Banana Republic Extra Fine Merino Wool V-Neck – $59.50

Baaaaaa. That's sheep for: Hand wash or dry clean.

Same fit and price as the Cotton Cashmere.  But instead of worms, you’ve got the sheep to thank.  The V is slightly more pronounced due to thicker ribbing.  Good if you like wool.  Not itchy at all.  Wait for a sale.

JF J. Ferrar Soft Touch Cotton V-Neck – $19.99 (reg. $45.00)

From JC Penny. Seriously.

I was just trying to be thorough.  I never thought I’d actually find a v-neck that was worth mentioning at JC Penny.  But I did, and this is the first of TWO.  The tag on these say 80% cotton and 20% nylon.  But it doesn’t feel synthetic at all.  Instead, it’s smooth, has a terrific modern fit, and the fabric itself isn’t bulky in the least.  The V is a little deep for my taste but if you like to show a little more shirt?  Then give this one a serious look.

Article 365 Cashmere Blend V-Neck – $19.99 (org. $45.00)

Heads up (or down) for suckers.

The second of the two sweaters you can pick up at JC Penny.  This one isn’t as fitted as the J. Ferrar, but it’s still a nice sweater.  There’s only 5% cashmere to 95% cotton, but… c’mon.  It’s twenty bucks.  And you’ve got 57,000 color options.  You’ll have to search a bit if you head into the store to find these.  I found them on a low shelf in a back corner.  And the first one I pulled out had a sucker stuck to the front.  No lie.  Guess some toddler was sick of holding onto it, and put it on the first thing that was eye level.  One of the hazards at shopping at JC Penny.

Gap Pima Cotton V-Neck  – $44.50

The standard

One of the best.  Not a thing wrong with it.  Soft, smooth, thin but strong.  The ribbed hem holds it in place at your waist well.  Perfect V depth.  Often on sale.

Express Italian Merino Wool V-Neck – $59.50

Whatcha gonna do... brother.

Those bastards (and I say that respectfully) in the Express coupon department know what they’re doing.  If you’re on their mailing list, and you should be… you’ll get a bunch of coupon cards from them every month.  Usually you can take $10 off your $30 purchase, and $20 off your $60.  Of course these sweaters are priced just under at $59.50.  Buy some socks or a t-shirt that’s on sale to get that discount.  The sweater has a trimmer fit, especially in the arms.  Meaning you’ll look like you’re ready to have hulkamania run wild, even if you haven’t done a push up since the 5th grade.  Super soft, nice torso length.  A good buy even if it’s a little expensive.

Got any other favorite V-necks in your arsenal?  Leave them in the comments section below.  And by all means, please… watch out for suckers.