Classic Construction Worker Lunchbox

Classic Construction Worker Lunchbox

Classic Dome Construction Worker Lunchbox and Thermos – $39.99

Credit to the people over at for finding this one.

Just because you work in a laid back office, or a permanently laid back job site, doesn’t mean your lunch has to be carried around in something that looks like a 6th grader would take it to school.

Banish that flimsy glad-ware or old Coleman cooler and get a real lunchbox.

Made of heavy gauge steel, this thing will keep all the pieces of your mid-day meal in one place and in one piece.  Plus, the domed lid packs along a thermos for that extra cup of coffee you might need mid-afternoon.  Another bonus of the thermos?  Sneaking a cocktail into it.  Don’t get crazy, just something to, y’know… keep you warm on those those colder days.  Even if you’re at you’re cubicle.

Don’t want to lose your plastic containers because they’re just too easy to heat stuff up in?  Think about all the chemicals you’re potentially leaching into your soup every time you nuke it in Tupperware, or worse, that plastic take out container.  Dump it in the thermos and you’re set for the day.