How to Dress Like a New Gentleman

How to Dress Like a New Gentleman

Details Magazine: How to Dress Like a New Gentleman

Whereas the 90s were dedicated to looking purposely sloppy, perhaps the twenty-teens will produce a revival in guys trying to look their best.  Details Magazine calls these men who embrace an updated version of the suit and tie look the “New Gentlemen.”  As with anything, you lose the genuineness once you start trying too hard.  Here’s their advice, with the Dappered take to follow below…

Now, time for our opinions. Feel free to hit play, pause, and follow along at will.

  1. It’s actually more difficult to look debonair in jeans.
  2. Agreed.  Keep ties slim, but not skinny, with subdued patterns.
  3. A tie bar can scream retro for retro sake.  Want to keep your tie from flying around?  Keep your jacket closed.
  4. Tailored Shirts.  Yes.
  5. Trim cut suits aren’t a fad.  They’re the best option.
  6. But getting one custom made is ridiculously expensive.  Get a great tailor.
  7. Pocket Squares look best when their folded with structure.  And not too much showing.  The crisp line is best.
  8. “Best of the Best Pocket Squares”???  It’s a glorified handkerchief.  Child Please.
  9. Say no to flashy cuff links. In fact, why not say no to cuff links all together?
  10. Your watch should be subdued.  Sure.  And leather bands are more effective at that, especially when it’s a sweet chronograph.
  11. Your belt should… resemble this one.
  12. Briefcases are expensive.  But make sure they have at least a top handle.  Removable shoulder straps are a nice option to have for longer distances.
  13. Socks are a great way to add some color.  But don’t lose your mind and wear something super bright.
  14. Shoes with leather soles are terrific.  If you can afford them.
  15. “A well chosen vintage accessory will add a dash of old-fashioned charm.”  Like what, a monocle?

Now it’s your turn. What’s your take on the advice from Details, and the Dappered follow up?