Gifts for the Fairer Sex – Red Envelope Purse Hook

Gifts for the Fairer Sex – Red Envelope Purse Hook

Red Envelope Purse Hook – $19.95

(The holidays are fast approaching,  and your reservoir of gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend is quickly receding.  That’s why I went to one of the all time best gift-givers I know.  My lovely wife. She’ll be offering up suggestions running up to December 25th, so keep checking back for more ideas that aren’t yours, but could look like they were.)

By: Sarah

Guys, I’m going to give you a good reason for considering giving your girl a purse hook for Christmas this year.  Actually I’m going to give you at least 10,000 reasons; most likely more.  In retrospect they are very small reasons, but collectively they become a very big, somewhat alarming reason.

purse hook vintageIn studies conducted on the amount of bacteria taking up residence on the outside of a woman’s purse the average amount fell into the “tens of thousands” range.  Some purses had millions.  That’s going to make you think twice about holding her bag for her again, isn’t it?

And it’s not just bacteria that seem to be attracted to hand bags.  Viruses like to join the party as well.  And those little bugs don’t discriminate between the $40 faux leather purse or the $600 Coach Bag that your better half had at the restaurant and now has sitting on your kitchen counter.  Do your lady a favor so she can keep her purse off the table, and more importantly off the floor!

Buy her a purse hook!

These handy little gadgets use the wonders of physics to create a convenient place on the edge of a table to hang a bag.  Red Envelope has an attractive offering that can even be monogrammed with her initials.  It’s simple, classic styling is sure to please the woman in your life.  Or you could check out for a more vintage looking hook (above right). And hey, I even found a Twilight purse hook on E-bay, so there is a hook out there for every girl.  And tens of thousands of reasons to buy her one!