In Praise of Serious Hats

In Praise of Serious Hats

Time Magazine Defends Hats

There’s what Time Magazine calls “Retro-Elegence” (like a pocket square) and then there’s putting a fedora on your head when you go to a baseball game.

I’m not a hat guy.  My head is big enough and I don’t need to draw attention to it.  But hats are attempting a comeback, which in my opinion will ultimately fail.  But that hasn’t stopped Time Magazine’s Lance Morrow from trying to lend support to the serious hat movement.

In the 21st century there isn’t much need for a hat.  Therefor, it just seems like you’re trying a bit too hard when you’re sporting what Time calls a “serious hat.”  If I walked out of the house wearing a serious hat, I couldn’t help but think to myself the entire time while it remained on my head: “I’m wearing a hat right now.”  And everyone I saw would think: “look at that guy, he’s wearing a hat.”  Not in either a positive or negative fashion… it’s just hard to ignore.  Thus… trying a bit too hard to be noticed.

And if by wearing a serious hat you end up looking like you’re trying a bit too hard… can you really be taken all that seriously?

Besides, half the time you’ll just be taking it off anyway.

But if hats are your thing… try this kinda pricey one from Banana Republic for $49.99

Want something cheaper?  BR’s sister store Gap has a summer version for $24.50.