3.  Target Merona Striped Rugby – $24.99

This just replaced Ralph Lauren’s Custom fit as the personal favorite for a casual rugby.  The price is unbeatable.  And while the RL’s feel much more substantial through the shoulders, they also cost 3x as much.  The fit is surprisingly true.  100% cotton, midweight fabric, and the thin stripe blue version shown is nails.  Placket even has the extra re-inforced layer of beefier fabric.  Collar is going to be a little big for some, but it’s a casual shirt you can beat the snot out of on the weekends.


4.  Jack Spade Monza Drop Key Fob – $15.00 ($35)

Sure there are plenty of free key-chains to be had floating around out there.  But say you just upgraded to a car you’ve wanted for awhile.  Or you got a promotion and moved into a new office.  A splurge on a good looking keychain will remind you every time you unlock the door to… whatever it is you’re happy to have… that you’re one lucky guy.  Perforated leather.  Like the rest of the Monza series, made to look like the steering wheels of classic sports cars.


5.  Timex Weekender Sport – $34.99 w/ Slip-Thru Strap – $4 – $6

Hat tip to reader Taylor M. for this combo.  Some of us prefer the matte, brushed case of the Timex Weekender “sport” that comes with the nubuck strap.  But at the same time, it’s hard not to like the variety of slip-thru straps of the Timex Weekender Slip-Thru.  Enter Taylor… take the nubuck strap off the Weekender Sport, and use an olive slip-thru strap to give it that perfect weekend utility look.


6.  MikWright Birthday Greeting Card – $3.50

What better way to say: “You had absolutely nothing to do with your own birth, but I’m awfully glad that your parents jumped in the sack and made you once upon a time.  Points to your ma for cranking you out.”


7. Silver Leaf Disc & Pearl Necklace – $79.00
Starting the new season off right.

Sold through Gilt.  Over the $75 limit, but perhaps a few of you have some credits sitting around.  Flowers for no reason are good, but something a bit more like this is better.  It’s spring, this looks, uh… springy.  A perfect not-big-but-not-tiny either.  Made in the USA is a nice bonus.


8. GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha – $2.50 – $4.00

Forget all the granola-tree-hugging benefit proclamations like how this stuff is all-natural and full of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins.  Who knows if there’s any real good effects to be had from that.  What’s absolutely worth giving this stuff a try is the fact that it’s only 70 calories per 160z bottle, packs a ton of flavor (and there’s many to choose from) and honest-to-goodness it seems to curb appetite.  Lightly fermented, has a trace amount of alochol, and actually got yanked from shelves a year or so ago until they could figure out if it should be classified and regulated like an alcoholic beverage.  It wasn’t, and it isn’t.  And it’s delicious.  Pricey for a bottle, but awesome all the same.


9.  R44 Rogan Made in the USA Jeans – $79.90 | Calibrate Trim Fit V – $33.90

The jeans are a bit of a splurge.  Over $75, yes, but they ship free.  The term “ultra low rise” for the fit is concerning, but the model doesn’t look like he’s got the things on uncomfortably low.  We’ll see how the whiskering looks in person, hopefully it’s not real noticeable.  Made in the USA from organic cotton.  The Calibrate sweater is a trim fit with some spandex in the cotton blend for stretch.  Both are on the way for in-person reviews, and each seems to have recently hit the sale section, or been further reduced.  Jeans are 50% off, sweater is 33% now 50% off.


10. Saddleback Leather Utility Strap Collection – $39.75

You’ll never use another bungee cord again.  Ever.  And that’s a really good thing.

For other best bets under $75 from previous months, click here.


  1. Oh, I would love that tugby shirt in either green/navy or yellow/navy. Too bad we won’t get them at Zellers (the crappier Canadian version of Target).

  2.  thanks for the Mother’s Day reminder (May 13)

    I have to disagree with the Merona rugby though. Everything about it is perfect but the stripes at the body aren’t aligned with the stripes at the arms, a deal breaker for me

  3. I’ve been looking for some simple pocket squares. Price is right free ship seals it. DONE!

    The Kombucha isnt bad. There is an alcoholic smell to it, or at least the one I had. Keep this in mind around those who may think you’re drinking on the job or what have you.

  4. Kombucha is great. It tastes like a lightly-alcoholic champagne. While it’s pricey, Whole Foods gives a 10% discount if you buy it by the case. Also, it’s incredibly easy to make at home, which is the cheapest option. 

  5. The Calibrate Trim Fit sweaters are showing up as 50% off as well, knocking them down to $33.90

  6. Well that’s weird.  Fixed.  It wasn’t pointed in the right direction.  Should be now.  Sorry about that.

  7. Yep.  Gone.  Dudegb did link to a real nice cordovan keyring though: http://www.chestermox.com/collections/frontpage/products/black-shell-cordovan-key-ring-horween  ChesterMox is a great brand too.  Did some giveaway stuff with them in the past.  No perforations though.

  8. FINALLY.  A price adjustment that heads in the right direction.  Usually prices go up post-posting.  Thanks Steve!

  9. J Crew nato straps fit that weekender too, and while they are pricey, they look great and can often be found on sale.  I have mine on dark brown leather right now.

  10. Loving those pocket squares.  Looks like they’re completely sold out right now, but if you leave a comment on their facebook asking to be notified when they get more in, you get 20% off.

  11. Timex Weekender owners- is it me or is the strap unusually short? I went to try some on but didn’t go thru with the purchase. Do they sell longer straps? I’m not a big guy either.

  12. My pleasure!  Like it quite a bit when a startup makes something that we’d all like and at a great price.  I’m looking forward to what GetSquared has in store for the future.

  13. 1. Don’t be a turd.

    2. Don’t use “retarded” that way.  Makes you seem less intelligent.
    3. Lighten up.

  14. I fail to see how using a word in that context affects his intelligence.

    Just be honest about the price rather than going over in 2 out of 10 results.

    Plus it is pretty stupid to say you can buy shoes for twice your budget because you get a shoe for each foot.

  15. Can anyone help me find a fit. I’m about 5’11” with a long torso (i wear 32 length jeans and that sags a little). I weight about 160-170lbs. For an example, the express slim fit MX1 in large fit me near perfectly. Wondering if i should get the sweater in medium long or large regular. Thanks!

  16. Sorry, but those jeans are horrendous.

    You don’t need japanese selvedge denim, but the pockets shouldn’t extend down your hamstring and that middling blue is what your jeans should look like after you have washed and worn them a bunch, not new.

  17. I’m a 501 guy at heart, so yeah, the back pockets seem a little long.  We’ll see when they show up.  Looking for some sub $100 Made in the USA denim.

  18. “How’d you get the beans above the frank?”

    Or, how did you get a 20mm band on an 18mm lug watch?

  19. The Target rugby is clearanced at 17.99 at my nearby Target in Houston, of course ymmv. I didn’t buy, but the material is very nice, very soft. 

  20. Yeah, they are Clearanced at $12.?? at my local Target. Solid deal, but they were a little too snug across the chest or me. I have a few of the RL Polo Custom Fit rugby shirts, which I really like, but I also got those at a discount. $30, IIRC, from Marshalls. I may give the Merona ones another try. Maybe I’ll cut a few lbs. over the Summer, and they’ll fit better. Dunno.