Autumnal Temptation – Best Looking New Fall Arrivals for Men

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Fall Potential – The best looking new style arrivals for men

It is, arguably the best style season of the year. Fall. Cool enough to wear layers and maybe mix some patterns, but not so bitter that you get dressed more to ward off hypothermia than to look good. It’s a transitional time, but unlike spring, a complete lack of pastels. And for most of the Northern hemisphere right now… Fall? Feels like it’s nowhere close to arriving.

That doesn’t mean you can’t look forward a bit. Or a lot. Here’s the very beginnings of this year’s affordable men’s style autumnal crop, long before harvest season gets underway. As always, the new arrivals usually take a bit to drop in price, so keep that in mind. Leave what you’re most looking forward to wearing (or acquiring first, and then wearing) in the comments below…


J. Crew Cotton Workwear Sportcoat in Dark Raisin – $188.00

JCrew Dark Raisin Blazer - Autumnal Temptation on

No shock to find a J. Crew blazer on this list. Now, if you zoom in on the interior shot, it sure looks like there’s a herringbone pattern there? Great looking fall color too. Wondering how the fabric is gonna feel… meaning, will it feel any different than a normal cotton or chino sportcoat?  Available in S/M/L type sizing, not exact chest sizes. So, tailoring is probably going to be needed for many.


Bonobos Travel Jeans in Austin Asphalt – $98.00

Bonobos Travel Jeans in Austin Asphalt - Autumnal Temptations on

Or is that… assphalt? (sidenote: whatever happened to backup dancers?). Anyway, Bonobos travel jeans are a favorite for plenty. Made in the USA from Cone denim. Super comfortable, and this dark grey pair should look real smart with a navy cotton blazer or blue v-neck over a white shirt.


Woolovers British Wool Fisherman’s Crew – $40ish w/ new2wl

Woolovers Crew - Autumnal Temptations on

Many thanks once again to BenR for the terrific review of these authentic, British wool sweaters. They’re certainly not a new arrival, but they’re new to most of us here. The code new2wl should net you 5% off and free international shipping. Yep, international, so be wary of return costs. Pricing on the sweater can jump around a bit too.


Jack Erwin “Chase” Chelsea – $210* | “Jasper” Medallion Oxford – $195*

Jack Erwin Fall Arrivals - Autumnal Temptations on

Not yet available but word is a new collection is set to launch on the Jack Erwin site on August 21st. Made-in-Spain. Blake stitch construction. French calfskin. And the medallion on that burgundy oxford is fantastic. A little more modern than a pinked/serrated edged half brogue. And that chelsea. Boy. $210 ain’t cheap, but man. It looks sleeker and slicker than most. And that’s what you want in a chelsea. They’re not supposed to share a front end with a Red Wing. More on Jack Erwin over here.


J. Crew Factory’s SLIM Fit Merino V-Necks – $30ish

J.Crew Merino Wool V-Neck - Autumnal Temptations on

They’re still stuck on the summer cotton/cashmere v’s right now, but when the merino hits, consider em’. Yeah, they can pill a bit, but their slimmer fit + medium weight merino knit is the best in bang-for-buck basic sweater in the biz. 95% of sweaters out there are going to pile and gather at your sides. These will still do that for those who are slim, but not nearly as much.


Banana Republic Tailored Fit Navy Cotton Blazer – $225

BR Heathered Navy Blazer - Autumnal Temptations on

Has a heathered/speckled effect that makes it look kinda tweed-like. Patch pockets here too. Will BR keep up with this new less-exclusions policy for their codes as we enter fall? Is this the season that they finally figure out that functioning button cuffs are a pain in the arse to tailor? Only time will tell.


Target WD.NY Tweed Blazer – $89.99 & Pant – $45.99

Target WD.NY Tweed Pants - Autumnal Temptations on

These are either going to be a nice steal (with sales), or, they’re going to feel like they’re made out of a dusty couch sourced from the local Salvation Army. 50% wool, 50% poly.


UNIQLO’s Annual Topcoat Crop – $100ish?

Uniqlo Navy Topcoat - Autumnal Temptations on

Not available yet, but they seem to put out a lightweight wool blend topcoat every single year. The good: it’s inexpensive and usually fits extremely well. The bad: Unless you’re layering, heavily, they’re not really great for anything 20 degrees or below.


Warby Parker Polarized Garret in Oak Barrel – $95.00

Warby Parker Garret - Autumnal Temptations on

Just different enough. Keyhole bridge but still has some angles to it, and a flat top side. But man are they small. 53mm, but wears smaller than that. From their new “beacon collection”.


Lands’ End Tailored Fit Patterned Wool Blazer – $148.50 w/ ORDER25 & 2510

Lands' End Blazers - Autumnal Temptations on

Normally $195, but that code & pin knocks 25% off one regularly priced item through today (8/4). 95% wool, 5% nylon, and reasonably priced even though you gotta think these’ll drop farther with sales and more codes. Really liking that olive glen plaid with the blue support in the pattern (zooming in on their site eliminates that pesky morie). Or, maybe that favoritism is simply because he’s standing next to a guy modeling the herringbone option… while wearing sweatpants?


Deschutes Black Butte XXVI Reserve Porter – $15ish (for 20oz.)

Black Butte XXVI - Autumnal Temptations on

An annual tradition for the brewery based out of Bend, Oregon. Every year they release a version of their year round porter that has been tweaked, tweaked some more, then aged in bourbon barrels. This year’s version is brewed with pomegranate molasses and cranberries, as well as injected with a good dose of cocoa nibs. Something to age if that’s your thing, or enjoy now. If you can find it. 10.8%. Something to open and enjoy the first time snow flakes hit the ground this fall.


J. Crew Factory Pinstripe Wool Thompson Suit Jacket & Pant – $306

JC Factory Pinstripe Suit - Autumnal Temptations on

We’re not talking widely spaced, chalk stripe, 3 button 1997-style suits here. Don’t under estimate the power of a subtle pinstripe once the clouds of autumn roll around. Try it with a light blue shirt, black knit tie, and your sharpest, meanest pair of black oxfords or dressed up boots. Should dip to the mid $200s with upcoming codes & events.


Worn & Wound Horween Model 2 Watch Straps – $59.00

Worn & Wound Horween Straps - Autumnal Temptations on

Sixty bucks? That’s a lot. But boy, check out the crimson. Made in the USA as well. Might be time to invest in one of these and refresh an old, forgotten watch on a strap you just don’t like.


JCP Claiborne Shawl Collar Cardigan – $70 (not available yet)

JCP Claiborne Shawl Cardigan - Autumnal Temptations on

Expect it to go for around $35 with those ever present sales. Not available yet. Saw it in one of the JCP online look books, and they’ve got it slated for store arrival come November.


Boden Navy Moleskin Suit Jacket & Pant – $466

Boden Moleskin Suit - Autumnal Temptations on

Remember that kid in high school who was a total hell-raiser, but then his younger brother came along, learned from big brother’s mistakes, and got away with just as much… without all the arrests? That’s pretty much the relationship moleskin has with big brother velvet. Velvet is AGGRESSIVE. Moleskin is more on the sly. And a full suit made from it will be super warm, super soft (try and keep your date’s hand off your arm) but without the shine of velvet’s high nap. Expensive now, but if you’re on their email list, it should drop under $400 with codes.Still, not the easiest thing to pull off. Not a snap decision, and not something to buy unless your suit collection is already well established. Something to sleep on. Can’t buy this one… in the heat of the moment.


JCP Stafford Logan Wingtip Blucher – $59.99

JCP Logan Wingtip - Autumnal Temptations on

These are the only new shoe in the Stafford lineup. Everything else is on clearance. Dear JC Penney: MAKE A BOOT VERSION.


J. Crew Factory Sutton Garment Dye Jean – $49.50

JCF Sutton Jean - Autumnal Temptations on

Should drop to under $30 with codes. JCF describes these as the “slim but not too slim jean you’ve been looking for.” Awesome. So far available in the three fall-appropriate saturations seen above.


Wolverine 1,000 Mile McClean Cap Toe Boot – $335

Wolverine McClean - Autumnal Temptations on

Was just $229 during the Anniversary Sale. For those who picked up a pair: Do they look as good in person as they do online? And if they do, can one of you please dry the tears of those of us who neglected to purchase a pair?


JC Penney Stafford Cord Blazer – $120 | Wool Blazer – $200 (in store Sept)

New Stafford Blazers - Autumnal Temptations on

And with JC Penney’s ever present sales, expect these to be had for half off (so $60 and $100). Here’s to hoping the shoulder pads are slimmer and the arm holes are higher on this year’s Stafford blazers? Sourced from an online lookbook and not quite in stores yet.


Banana Republic Tweed Shawl Collar Pullover – $98.50

BR Tweed Shawl Collar Pullover - Autumnal Temptations on

Shown on the BR site over a shirt and tie, but those raglan sleeves in the darker grey seems to make it lean more casual. OCBD and jeans would be more than fine. Blend of cotton, nylon, wool, and viscose.


H&M Chelsea Boots- $99.00

H&M Chelsea - Autumnal Temptations on

Can’t get the hopes up about the leather quality (even though the H&M website says, in all caps mind you, “PREMIUM QUALITY”). Rubber sole on these. Bad weather beaters that’ll jump against darker pants?


American Eagle Quilted Bomber – $89.95

American Eagle Quilted Bomber - Autumnal Temptations on

Every once in a while AE can make a piece of clothing that’s void of visible logos, and grown-up enough that even those who feel really weird walking into that store… can at least order it from the website. Pretty darn classic. Should fall in price once it marinates on the virtual racks for a bit.


J. Crew Ludlow Corduroy Sportcoat – $198.00

J.Crew Ludlow Corduroy - Autumnal Temptations on

A fall staple, without all that professorial-stigma (or honor?). No elbow patches here. Just the slim lapels and arms that you’re used to on a Ludlow blazer. Non functioning buttons too. A little pricey to start out, but should come down with a code or sale. Excellent “pewter” shade, which is more versatile and contemporary than brown corduroy.


Club Monaco Varsity Jacket – ???

Club Monaco Varsity Jacket - Autumnal Temptations on

It’s in their new arrivals online lookbook… but not on the website? What are the chances that this leather sleeved thing is going to be anywhere near affordable? Ah. Club Monaco. Right. So, zero then….


Finally getting to use those AE 5th Street 2nds Boots – $199.00


Been hanging out in the Allen Edmonds outlet locations as well as online since spring. A closeout. Available in both brown and black depending on your size. Was just 2 for $299 over the weekend. Should drop further for just one pair in the coming weeks. Full review over here.


Massimo Dutti Quilted Jacket – $198.00

Massimo Dutti Quilted Blazer - Autumnal Temptations on

For the real blazer addicts who want to transition the same look to their outerwear. MD can run a little on the trim side, so consider sizing up. Leather accents, and a removable inner lining for more (or less) warmth.


Tissot Le Locle Automatic Petite Seconde – $554.45

Tissot Petite - Autumnal Temptations on

Whoa. … Price shown is via Jomashop, with Amazon fulfilling the purchase. Official page over here.


The annual return of hot cocktails…

Hot Whiskey Sling - Autumnal Temptations on

Hot toddys, whiskey slings, etc… Makes you almost want to catch a cold. Almost.

Your turn guys. What are you keeping your eye on for the upcoming cooler season? Any new arrivals worth a look? Leave it all in the comments section below.