Joe’s Measurements

Joe’s Measurements

Y’know what’s nice?  When retailers list a few common size details about their models and the garments they’re wearing in pictures.  Height, weight, size of the shirt or jacket, that kind of thing.  Y’know what’s long overdue?  Giving you guys similar information when it comes to shots of me (the Joe guy) wearing things you might want to invest in.

This site isn’t intended to be about me, but knowing some measurements of the guy who’s wearing the thing you’re thinking about buying is valuable.  Good news is that the guy you’re stuck with, yours truly, is pretty much right in the middle when it comes to height, weight, etc…  This would be how it all breaks down, and therefor, measures up.

(NOTE: These measurements have been updated as of 3/2014, and once again on 3/2015. Seems as though things have been pretty consistent after that. Just know that if you’re reading an old post, they won’t match up to the sizing advice given at that time.)

new joes measurements 2015


The above are all tape measure figures. Many times (read: most) retail goods are off in terms of being true to size. Here’s what I normally wear off the rack:

Common Off The Rack Commercial Sizes

Suit Jackets/Blazers: 40R. Rarely a 38R (maybe if it’s a traditional fit)
Pants: 32 or 33 waist. 30 inseam, or a 32 hemmed up a bit.
Dress Shirts: 15.5, 32/33. (But a 15.75″ / 33.5″ sleeve at ratio/clothing is ideal)
Non neck & sleeve shirts: Usually medium. Sometimes large.

And now you knowAbove “David” photo credit