Quick Picks: Rue La La’s Timex & Pre Fall Sale

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Wear Now Wear Later (ends 11 ET 8/20) | Timex (ends 11 ET 8/21)

Both sales are accessible once you sign up with Rue La La.  And yes, note that the fall clothing/shoe sale ends at 11 am eastern today, Monday 8/20/12.  Timex sale ends tomorrow at the same time.

There’s Gilt, the Godfather of them all.  Then there’s the now owned by Nordstrom Hautelook.  Beyond the Rack is run by our neighbors to the North (what’s happenin’ Canucks).  And Jackthreads can have some gems, but appeals mainly to the younger street-wear casual set.

Rue La La on the other hand, feels like it’s usually dedicated for the ladies.

But they do run guy’s sales every day, their service is pretty good, return shipping is free if you accept store credit, and once you pay for shipping, you get free shipping for the next 30 days.  They’ve got two sales ending soon that are absolutely worth a glance:

Timex 42mm Easy Reader in Black or Brown Strap – $39.90 ($65)

The easier to read easy reader.

The easy reader for those who like a larger dial.  42mm is big, but not enormous.  Brown strap injects just a small amount of gold tone by way of the hands and crown, but still sticks with a silver tone case.  Also available in a white dial/gold tone case with either a black leather strap or brown leather strap for the same price.


Timex Originals 1900s dial – $55.90 ($95)

Dial inspired by the corporal punishment in the classroom era.

The oldest looking of the Timex Originals series.  Under 40 mm in diameter with a face that looks like it was pulled off an antique school room clock.  Simple and subtle.


Timex Originals Black Q Dial – $55.90 ($95)

Timex’s Reservoir Dog

As good as the blue Q dial looks, $95 feels steep.  Black on black here with a price that’s $40 or so less than retail.  Not bad if you want something super clean looking with a bit of a retro feel.


Tahari Cotton/Linen Jacket – $99.90 ($498) | Theory Wool Blend Bomber – $89.90 ($425)

Dark, sleek, and casual.

Two dark and simple jackets with high retail prices and interesting fabric blends.  The jacket from Elie Tahari is a twill, but it’s almost half and half cotton and linen.  Lots of pockets on that one gives it a utility feel.  Lots of sizes at post time.  The Theory is down to Large and XL, but that baseball jacket style collar is slick.  60% wool on that one.


John Varvatos Collection Trench – $259.90 ($1300)

Made in Italy.

This is not a Varvatos Star USA item.  This is the high end stuff.  Made in Italy, lightweight, and a 71% cotton / 29% ramie blend.  Note that the sizing is going to seem weird at first glance, but it’s Euorpean/Italian sizing so a 40 US = 50 here.


Hickey Freeman Cotton / Linen 5-Pocket Straight Leg – $39.90 ($125)

Could be a late summer winner.

Picked up a pair of grey, 5-pocket Hickey Freeman cotton jeans from Rue La La a few months back and they’re now a favorite.  Straight fit seemed to fit closer to a 514 slim straight than a 501 for me, but that might not be the case on these.  55% cotton / 45% linen means they’re going to feel (and look) much different than an all cotton 5-pocket pant.  Sizes are extremely limited.


Thomas Dean Suede Driver – $99.90 ($375)

Won’t pair well with a Buick.

Not the most subtle thing, but they’re Italian made for that Italian look.  Brown suede here, also available in black, an off white, and a bright red.  Sizes are scattered depending on what color you’re after.


Thomas Dean Suede Wingtip – $99.90 ($375)

Plenty wearable with jeans.

Another Italian made suede shoe.  This one with a lighter, contrasting sole and contrasting stitching that offsets the perforations.  Just sizes 10.5 and 11 left at post time, but a good deal if you’re in that normal foot size camp.


Timberland Boot Co. Collection – $60 – $120

Slightly odd, very angry.

A dozen or so pairs of Timberland’s upgraded collection are on sale for about a quarter to a third of the original price.  Styles can get a bit funky, and the sizes are all over the map (and in short supply.)  Horween leathers, Goodyear welts, Vibram soles and solid construction are what Timberland is hanging their hat on with this collection.  Word is they’re made in the Dominican.  Scroll down to the bottom of the sale page and that’s where you’ll find them.

Rue La La’s Wear Now Wear Later Pre-Fall sale expires today at 11 am ET.  The Timex sale expires tomorrow at 11 am ET.  As with all flash sale sites, familiarize yourself with shipping prices and return policies before diving in.