In Person: JCPenney’s Stafford Wingtip Boot

Plus how they compare to another cheap brogue boot favorite.
JCPenney Stafford Wingtip Boot – $60 – $70.00 (ships free with JCSHIP)

Full credit to the guys like thinker random on Threads for spotting this new Blucher boot version of their extremely nice $50 wingtip oxford.  Especially user BB who even took a few pictures when he first saw them in store.

Yo shoe snobs.  Hit the bricks.  We’re talking extremely affordable, downright cheap footwear right now.  For good reason too, since there’s just two real drawbacks to this new wingtip boot offering from JCPenney’s Stafford brand:

  • It runs ridiculously large.  About a full size.
  • It’s not available online  (update:  They went online over the weekend.  Hat tip to the guys in the comments for pointing this out.)

That’s it.  That’s the list of cons.

Otherwise, it’s all positives.  And those list of cons when combined, kind of make a positive.  It makes you head into a store to try them on.  When you do, you’ll see that your normal size will be slopping around on your feet like a pair of Shaq’s galoshes.  I haven’t been a 9.5 since 7th grade.  But that’s the pair that fit my usually 10.5D feet the best.  When compared to a pair of well worn 10.5 Hawkings McGill (urban outfitters) wingtip boots, the 9.5 Stafford is the same length, and just a bit slimmer through the toe box.  Weird.  The sizing isn’t just off, it’s way off.

The leather is surprisingly decent.  It’s pliable, not too shined up, and seems like it has real potential to break in nicely.  Might be a good pair of cheap boots to screw around with when it comes to applying different colors of shoe polish/creme to try and get a unique look.

Toe shape, as well as the entire silhouette of the boot is perfect.  Sole is rubber, and they’re comfortable right out of the box.  They don’t feel like they cost $300, but they look and feel a lot better than $60.  Jeans for sure, and don’t hesitate to wear them on a crappy day in December with a flannel or tweed suit if you’re lucky enough to have one.

The medium to darker brown is more versatile than the Hawkings McGill cognac (leaning orange) color.  They’re trimmer, lighter, and just look a little cleaner too.  Currently in first place for the best, extremely affordable boot for fall/winter 2012-13.