Steal the Style: Daniel Craig’s Esquire Cover

Steal the Style:  Daniel Craig’s Esquire Cover
Steal the Style:  Daniel Craig on the August cover of Esquire

How much do you think the original outfit costs?  Six thousand?  Seven?  The sweater and shirt are from Ralph Lauren Purple label and the boots are Ralph Lauren.  The Jeans are Scotch and Soda and the watch is, of course, Omega.  The watch is the lion share of the total, but still.  Daniel Craig’s Saturday afternoon outfit is drifting dangerously close to entry level Harley pricing.

See the cover here, and feel free to read the interview with Daniel Craig here, in which the author describes him as looking like sandpaper.  For more steal the style features, see our archive.  Want to suggest a style that’s worth stealing?  Those are more than welcome too.  Send those in via style tip.  Let’s go to work…

The Boots: Ciro Lendini Ankle Boots in Cocoa – $142.00

Toes look burnished a bit too.

Don’t kid yourself, it’s the boots that make the outfit. The warm medium brown / almost tan color really stands out against all the blue.  These don’t go quite as far up , but unless you’re casually sipping a drink while sitting cross legged on the floor, nobody’s going to notice.  A cheaper option: The Steve Madden Bristole. $96 through Endless.


The Sweater:  Lands’ End Canvas Wool/Cotton Crew – $22.99 (reg. $49.50)

As close as it'll get for under $50.

Lightweight, raglan sleeves, and a shade of blue that’s slightly darker than medium blue jeans.  To quote the immortal master of poetry Meatloaf, two outta three ain’t bad.  Crewnecks are starting to come back into favor but there’s still more Vs out there than anything.  Don’t be afraid to dress up a slim sweatshirt or even a long sleeve tee by layering it with a button up.  Ships free with UNTUCKED and pin 1145.  A pricier option:  The J. Crew Merino wool.


The Shirt:  Express 1MX – $59.50 ($44.50 w/ $15 off coupon card)

A standby, but it works here.

It’s untucked.  That’s why the Express 1MX despite all its flaws is the right play here.  The 1MX is short enough in the tail that you can wear it untucked.  “Horizon” is the perfect shade of light blue.  Wait for a sale or get on their snail mail list for their monthly $15 off $30 coupon cards.


The Jeans: Levi’s 501 in “Mid Shift” wash – $42.99

A tick lighter than the sweater.

Looks like there’s a bit of distressing on these (check out the knees.)  We also need yellow stitching and not grey this time.  You don’t want a deep rinse, nor do you want stone wash either (you really don’t want stonewash).  Levi’s 501 in “Mid Shift” is pretty close.  A cheaper option:  L.E.C. Slim Fit in 1-year for $14.99, but there’s fraying at the cuffs.


The Watch:  Victorinox Maverick Rubber Band – $258.38 ($425)

Mean and sophisticated all in one.

They say match your leathers, so some might say Criag’s stylist’s watch band choice is off.  Two things… First, so what.  It’s a real casual look.  And second, it’s probably a rubber strap.  You can easily bend the rules with a rubber strap.  Plus the boot soles look close to black.  There’s a pic on Page 80 that gives you a better idea as to what the watch looks like.  Silver case, black dial, looks to be a chrono.  Not a problem that the Victorinox isn’t a chrono.  The price is more than right, and it’s sold direct by Amazon.  That’s key.  (Another option, this Seiko for $140)


The Drink:  Jameson in a Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid Old Fashioned – $49.99 (for set of four)

If you don't have a nice set of barware, consider investing.

Too bad it’s hard to find single old fashioned glasses (these are double.)  The drink is light enough that it could be Jameson, and the textured glass gives it a real antique feel.  On sale for $50 through Macy’s.

Read Esquire’s interview with Daniel Craig here  and for more steal the style features, see our archive.