The perfect pace yourself drink

The perfect pace yourself drink

Avoiding Drunkenness –  Campari on the rocks

Above Photo Credit: michaelwhays

A lot of us are unintentional fast drinkers.  We get to the bottom of a beer, look over at our date, and they’re only halfway through theirs.  That can cause some trouble if you’re doing a dinner out with drinks to follow.  They add up, and by the end of the night you might be two or three ahead and feeling it way more than you ever wanted.

So you’ve got to pace yourself.  And Campari on the Rocks is a good option for doing that.

Make no mistake, Campari is NOT alcohol free.  It’s an Italian made aperitif that runs 20 – 28% ABV.  But when served on the rocks like a good rum or gin, it’s only packing half the kick.  You’ll also drink Campari slower, and here’s why:

It has a bizarre, complex flavor.  It starts off sweet, but then gets real bitter, real fast.  So bitter that describing the finish as “planty” wouldn’t be inaccurate.  It’s a sipping drink with a flavor that lingers awhile.    Combine that with the relatively low alcohol level served in a short glass with ice, and you get the pace car of the booze world.

Can’t handle a super bitter drink?  Get an Americano.  It uses Campari but it’s sweetened up.  And if you’re in a bar and ask for a Campari on the Rocks, specify no fruit if you don’t want the orange in your glass. Consider a twist instead for the aroma, and go with a shorter glass than this one: