An Unsolicited Endorsement: Use Niagara Starch

An Unsolicited Endorsement:  Use Niagara Starch

Niagara Non Aerosol Spray Starch – $11.91

Here’s the ironing evolutionary process that almost all men go through, with the 4th level a Nirvana of smoothness that is rarely attained:

1. Who cares?  I’ll wear it wrinkled.
2. Fine, I guess I should run a hot Iron over it.
3. What’s this steam button do?  Holy sh*t that makes it a lot easier!
4. With some light starch, I can make my shirts look better than the dry cleaner.

Starch in the wrong hands can be an awful thing.  But if you know how to use it (lightly, with the steam on the iron at full blast) your shirts will press easier, look better, and stay smoother deeper into the day.  You don’t want to starch your shirts so heavy that they take on a texture similar to particle board, just one or two solid spritzes per region should do.

Don’t skimp on the brand of your bottle either.  Niagara spray starch in the non aerosol pump bottle is affordable top shelf stuff.  It works great, smells fresh, and the pistol grip pump bottle is much easier to operate than a clunky aerosol can.

Almost nobody likes to iron.  I only know one guy who actually likes the process of turning wrinkled shirts into pressed pieces of apparel art.  But for those of us who just see it as a chore?  Niagara spray starch will make that annoying chore much easier.