21 Things only a well dressed guy would think about.

If they could only hear half of what we're thinking...

Face it. We’re all a little bit nuts. Have you ever stopped yourself while thinking about something style related and thought: “does anyone else think about this stuff”? Chances are some do… but most men absolutely do not. The internal dialogue of those of us here on this website must sound like a foreign language to most men. Or, just flat whacko. Proof is below. Make your additions for things only a well dressed guy would think about in the comments. Top Photo Credit

#1. Of course you know how to tie a necktie, but the knot you tie your necktie in is determined by a careful analysis of the spread of the shirt collar, the width of the jacket lapel, the fabric of the tie, the occasion for which you’re wearing the tie, the…

#2. The presence of a moth in the house is far more frightening than a black widow spider.

#3. “I wonder when my tailor will be done with my jeans.”

#4. Does an aviator-style watch strap really look “right” on a dive style watch?

#5. You’re thrifting, find an amazing suit, and wonder if your tailor is talented enough to remove the pleats from the pants.

#6. Button stance is everything.

#7. Whenever you and your significant other are about to head out on the town, you have a back-up outfit in mind just in case they put on the exact same color combination that you’re already wearing. Bonus crazy points if you actually have it all laid out and ready because this happens all the time.

Tteam green and greyGreen & grey huh? How do we keep doing this?

#8. The key to your car is often removed from the keyless entry fob and carried solo because all that bulky fob does is mess up the drape of your slim fit pants.

#9. You look forward to that first day in September the temps stay in the 60s… so you can break out your fall sportcoats.

#10. An outfit being “Matchy-Matchy” is a real thing. And it’s bad.

#11. A blazer on a wire hanger makes you wince.

#12. Getting old isn’t so bad because you finally get to wear more hats.

#13. Shoe trees are to new dress shoes, as insurance is to a new car. You don’t buy the latter without adding the former.

#14. There’s more than one way to lace a pair of shoes. And certain types of shoes deserve certain kinds of lacing.

Bar Lacing vs CrossLeft: Bar lacing usually looks cleaner on dress shoes. Right: Standard criss-cross lacing might not make you wanna jump. jump.

#15. Keeping cool in the summer has less to do about layers and colors, and more about how well the fabric that you’re wearing breathes.

#16. Not using a shoe-horn to get into a pair of well made lace-ups gives you the guilts.

#17. There’s an oxford, and then there are oxfords. And not every oxford is really an oxford, and more often than not oxfords aren’t really oxfords.

#18. … just like a button-up isn’t always a button-down, but… well… might want to keep that all internal. It’s awfully close to correcting someone’s grammar.

#19. We wear cow. We wear cordovan. Cordovan isn’t cow. We eat cow. Why don’t we eat, uh, Cordovans? (Well, at least not knowingly)

#20. The cost of a desirable high end object is not thought of in dollars and cents, but instead calculated by how many items in your closet you’d have to liquidate on eBay in order to add the new luxury item to your wardrobe.

#21. Hey look! It’s ten after ten! Man, that looks good.

1010 is mighty fineLucky for all of us 10:10 just so happens to happen twice a day.