5 Favorites – Reader BenR

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5 Favorites from Dappered Reader All-Star BenR

Sure it’s just stuff.  But stuff can make life easier, more enjoyable, etc… Every so often we ask one of our favorite people to rattle off their five favorite things.  This week you’ll find favorites from some of Dappered’s most active readers.

BenR is a law student, aspiring public defender, and according to him, only “slightly embarrassed” about how much time he spends on Dappered.  You’ve seen him in the comments, and you can tell he doesn’t shy away from a (respectful) debate.  Naturally.

When not studying law or visiting this site, he’s usually outdoors hiking or skiing.  He can make lefse.  He holds the record for most lefse mentions on Dappered (1).  He’s a skilled photographer (pics below are all his.)  He also admits to telling anyone who will listen “how much better Montana is than whatever state they’re from.”  Give him time and he’ll probably convince you too.

#1. Chippewa 6″ Classic boots – $140 – $160

“Chippewa’s status among American bootmakers is probably a few rungs lower than brands like Red Wing, Danner, and Wolverine.  For the budget-conscious, however, the Chippewa Classic boot offers iconic American workwear style with US-made quality at a more accessible price.  I’ve worn mine hiking in the mountains as well as at the office with chinos and a casual sportcoat.  Chippewa also manufactures the Katahdin Engineer boots for L.L. Bean, for those who prefer a cap toe.  Recraftable with Vibram soles.”


#2. Timex Expedition olive field watch – $30.00 (strap – $21)

Simplicity, versatility, and affordability make this cheap Timex Expedition my favorite timepiece for everyday wear.  With an unpretentious design and uncommon olive dial, the watch looks equally good on everything from a NATO to dressy black leather.  I’m currently wearing mine on a brown croc grain strap.  Quartz movement, brass case, characteristic loud Timex tick – I don’t care.  My Expedition spends just as much time on my wrist as my other, objectively “nicer” watches.”


#3.  Leatherman Multi-Tool – $57.00

“My dad gave me the classic Leatherman – I have no idea what model it is.  It was made in Portland, OR and has Dad’s name engraved on it.  My brother gave me the smaller, orange version when I graduated high school.  A decent pocket knife or multi-tool is an essential life accessory.  Whether you keep it in your car, your pocket, your desk, or (heaven forfend) your man bag, you’ll be surprised how many uses you find – whether cutting tags off newly-purchased clothes, or as impromptu pliers-chopsticks when you’ve forgotten silverware on your camping trip.”


#4.  Eyetem glasses by Frame Holland – Way too much money from a local optical shop

There’s a lot to be said for companies like Warby Parker, who make trendy eyewear for eye-poppingly low prices.  But as someone who has worn glasses all day every day since age 8, I wanted to invest in something more unique and tailored for my face and image. My specs are styled like classic plastic frames – complete with diamond cut-outs for the metal hinges – but were hand-crafted in Holland from bead-blasted titanium with a metallic brown exterior and royal blue interior, and fitted with lenses made in Japan. During my fitting, a fellow customer said the glasses make me look like a ‘blond Clark Kent.’  Sold.”


#5.  Montana Silversmiths belt buckle – Price varies from eBay, about $50 new online

“Ok, a Western-style belt buckle isn’t for everyone.  But then, style would be pretty boring if we all had to wear exactly the same stuff.  As a native Montanan, I love that this conservatively-styled buckle lets me express my inner cowboy without having to go down the cliched boots, hat, and bolo tie road.  It looks equally killer with jeans or a suit.  And it doesn’t hurt that I scored mine used for $20 off eBay rather than having to pay full retail.

For Previous editions of “5 Favorites” see the archive hereVery Top “5” Photo Credit: Gunnar Bangsmoen